Executive Style – Luxury Car Travel Tips

Executive Style – Luxury Car Travel Tips


The ´On-Duty´ Top dog Style

Our ´how to dress´ series provides expert help on how to recognise every new ditty your budget should concentrate on for the main events and tiers in your life – both personal and professional. This set, we concentrate on what to buy if you’ve finally reached that ´executive´ eminence in your life.

Classic Black Trousers

Thankfully, we are fully spoiled for preference as today men’s tailoring encapsulates the full colour wheel. For uncountable core wardrobe looks, nothing beats black. This tinge of tailoring is the foundation of every formal and smart look you drive ever need and they will be a tried and tested associate to you as your forthcoming black tie do´s will be a whole new ballgame. To subsidize things extra flexible – if you’ve already bought a quality yoke of trousers, then they will pair just as very much with a tuxedo jacket as they will with a assorted casual counterpart for the ultimate in style flexibility.
The most critical thing to remember here is the fit. By going for a relaxed fitting, slim forte silhouette then you will ensure that even if you do retailer a couple more post-festive kilo´s, then these trousers wish still flatter your shape.


Dries Van Noten Phillip Slumped Wool Trousers, available from Mr Porter, priced at £345.

Outstanding Black Blazer

Every man should possess tailoring that can concurrently structure smarter looks and visually upgrade the more casual ones. The outstanding example black dinner jacket can be worn as a tried and tested laud with the black trousers (like above), a white shirt and scurvy tie for a corporate awards ceremony worthy look. Thanks to its ceaseless flexibility, the blazer can also take jeans and the classic t-shirt to a steersman´s after work drinks reception with an off duty deceit. To achieve this look, ignore this season’s oversized course as the more relaxed fits can look visually cheaper.

Burberry London Criminal Slim-Fit Mohair Hopsack Blazer, available from Mr Airports skycap, priced at £650.


Chelsea Boots

The mantra for male stylings suggests ¨Trainers with your civvies and brogues with your tailoring¨, which is critical in principle, but how do you achieve a happy medium? Well, by investing in a personal property pair of Chelsea boots then you can achieve the formality of shoes, but without the innumerable fetid look. These boots will pair principled as well with tailored trousers as they will with denims (as in good shape as being a waterproof ally for the rain and slush laden winter months, present you maintain them).


John Lobb Lawry Polished-Leather Chelsea Boots, elbow from Mr Porter, priced at £1,120.

Neutral Coloured Cotton Shirts

Worth, wearability and fit are three things you should consider. A complimentary adjust a take form (but not body-hugging) can easily be worn above or beneath a range of indispensables and still allow your skin to breathe. Choosing a more indeterminate colour palette will make sure that you get great deal of flexibility in your wear; while a higher grade cotton guess will help your shirt will survive its multiple laundry rounds. In putting together to the usual cotton Oxford style, experiment with the more textural Chambray fabrics to entrust a abandon that added visual depth.

Ralph Lauren Button Down Oxford Shirts, within reach from Mr Porter, priced at £85 – £110.

Luxury Multi – Purpose Holdall

Right-minded now, we are living in a generation of multi-taskers; we fleet between lunchtime gym sittings, work meetings and weekend’s adventures – three tasks that needed a strong all-round luggage performer. A stylish travel bag is an basic as it’ll get used on a daily basis. Once you’ve discovered a durable fashion that compliments your own tastes, you’ll be grateful that you invested some leftover money on its durability. Look for a holdall that can accommodate a gym kit as easily as a couple of nights away.


Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliére 45, readily obtainable from Louis Vuitton, priced at £1,130.

Classic Trench Jacket

When your grandfather worked the same coat as you, there’s a firm possibility that you’re onto a winner – and you quite simply cannot get profuse timeless than the trench coat. A virtuous trench can be frayed with anything and everything. No other mark quite does ascendancy like Burberry; their materials are 100 per cent cotton with their trademark calf leather streamlined, buffalo horn buttons and a full lining for extra excitedness and protection. Just now, they are offering a free monogramming worship army which means that even a universal piece can be make out to feel like you’re one of a kind.

Burberry Westminster Long Estate Coat, available from Burberry, priced at £1,395.

Mechanical Skinned for

A good Swiss watch is always a great investment, both visually and to all intents. With this brand, you´re not only adding the stamp of world-renowned attribute to an outfit, but thanks to their heritage and pedigree, there’s something moderately romantic about saving something to pass on for the next epoch. This sentiment however, needn’t come at the price tag of a Patek Philippe. There are diverse mid-level entry marks can also offer high-grade media to rival those of the high end luxury brands. Absolutely, a Rolex may win bragging stations, but it doesn’t always guarantee that aesthetic bang for your buck.


Junghans Max Reckoning, available from The Watch Gallery, priced at £725.