After months of cerebration – would Apple kill the headphone jack? Would its camera brave up to Samsung and Huawei? – Cupertino finally revealed its new iPhone. And the answers are: yes; and we’ll see.

Into the bargain those big reveals, on the surface, there’s not much new. Apple has pasted to a similar shape in a similar size, albeit with a few of new colourways, including a FROW-baiting glossy black.

Here’s the whole kit you need to know.

iPhone 7

When’s it out?: Pre-order from 9 September, departed from 16 September.
What’s it cost?: From £599 for 32GB, to £799 for 256GB.

It’s Weaken Resistant

Apple’s new flagship smartphone is more evolution than mutiny. Small details like the elimination of 18GB options, as well as a misrepresent lineup that includes two different black versions, aren’t systematically pulse-quickening.

Although anyone who’s lost their contacts to the Church font will feel their heart flutter at the news the new handset is sea water resistant. You can’t go diving with it, but at least now you won’t have to take a bag of rice to the pub, barely in case.

The iPhone 7 is Water Resistant

Wires Are Out

The biggest pre-event rumour was confirmed – gush one out for the headphone jack. What Apple described as “courage” is a way to unshackled up more space for processors and bigger battery that advances an extra two hours of life. It also offers Apple the betide to sell more hardware, including a pair of wireless ‘Airpods’ that we’ve already directed to lose.

They cost £159 a pair, offer five hours airplay and – weighing by the fact they look exactly like Apple’s earbuds – doubtlessly don’t offer the same sound quality as other earphones in that valuation bracket.

For those who like to hear their music in hi-def, now’s the beforehand to invest in a pair of bluetooth cans. If you’re wedded to wires, then the new iPhone 7 be broaches with an adaptor that plugs into the lightning refuge. Of course, this means that you can’t charge your phone and prick up ones ears to music. But at least the wireless phone means you now have more wires to be defeated.

The New iPhone Airpods earphones

iPhone 7 Plus

When’s it out?: Pre-order from 9 September, moved from 16 September.
What’s it cost?: From £719 for 32GB, to £919 for 256GB.

It’s Got Twice The Camera

The leftovers between the iPhone 6 and its plus-sized cousin was mostly aesthetic. But the latest iteration kitbags some impressive new tech.

The iPhone 7 Plus boasts a punchy new camera, bring up the rear in the vein of competitors like Huawei and Samsung by pairing two lenses for improve resolution and low-light performance. You also get a 2x optical zoom and, thanks to the two-lenses-are-better-than-one eminence bump, a 10x digital zoom that Apple claim won’t take leave of your ‘gram snaps all grainy.

iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

Apple Watch Series 2

When’s it out?: Pre-order from 9 September, departed from 16 September.
What’s it cost?: From £369, up to £1,249 in ceramic or £1,549 for the Hermès collaboration.

You Can Obtain It Swimming

In all the hoo-ha over the phones, it’s easy to forget that Apple also affects a line of less-loved watches. That status might be prevalent to change.

In a sign that it’s targeting the fitness market, the Apple Take in 2 is now waterproof, with a smart function that clears not make sense from the watch’s speakers after you’ve finished your in details. It will also track your workouts, so you can’t lie to yourself nearly how many calories you’ve burned in the pool.

You Can Take the Apple Watch 2 Swimming

It’s Got GPS

A new GPS chip means you can freedom your phone at home and still track your imprints (and, now, swims). But most people will probably just use it for trade on Pokémon Go – Apple announced a new, watch-specific version of the game. Now you won’t girl out on Mew just because you left your phone on your desk.

The Apple Watch 2 has built in GPS

Apple On the lookout for Nike+

When’s it out?: Pre-order from 9 September, shipped from fresh October.
What’s it cost?: From around £279.

The fitness wearables merchandise is huge, but the Apple Watch has been too expensive for those who good want a way to track exercise.

Enter the brand’s hook-up with Nike, on a no-frills, retail that offers beefed-up analysis of your runs, associations you to the Nike Running Club app and community, and even provides motivational throw downs when you’re flagging.

Apple Watch Nike+