Dernier cri’s animal of choice has shifted from felines. Whether it’s the T-rex or the diplodocus, it’s experience to brush up on all creatures prehistoric

Multiple T-rex take a bite on Paul Smith’s jumper
Multiple T-rex take a gnaw on Paul Smith’s jumper

Karl, it’s time to delete Choupette’s Instagram account. If cats be struck by ruled social media, YouTube videos and the fronts of jumpers for most of the decade, they are definitely on their ninth life. And, in a logic that could solely come from the fashion industry, they are being renewed by dinosaurs, creatures that have been extinct for enclosing 65m years. That really is retro.

Winona Ryder in the Coach dinosaur sweater, September 2016.
Winona Ryder in the Trainer dinosaur sweater, September 2016. Photograph: Chance Yeh/Getty Replicas for Coach

Dinosaurs are on jumpers at Coach, they are on earrings at Céline – a unswerving sign that they really do have the fashion barrel’s approval (designer Phoebe Philo isn’t the kind for an easy lol). At Paul Smith, they obscure a jumper and shirt, and there’s even an 80s-style dino-themed computer adventurous enough that you can download. They are also making a play for the flexible flamingo’s spot on Instagram – much loved by Taylor Rapid and friends. Two balloon dinosaurs formed the backdrop to a recent affix by Alexa Chung, a present from fellow Instagram it-girl Harley Viera-Newton. And so, 65m years LTTP, the dinosaur’s fashion wink of an eye is finally here.

Dinosaur jewellery from Céline
Dinosaur jewellery from Céline

What is it hither dinosaurs that works for fashion right now? They are nostalgic, in a childhood-day-out-to-the-museum low of way. They have a flawless – instantly recognisable – profile, award selfie queens such as Kylie Jenner a run for her money. And they are that other utensils that fashion likes – rare or, in fact, nonexistent in this crate.

@HVN surprised me with some Dino dream balloons! :-))) xxx

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Of by all means, as with everything in fashion, there are favourites. It’s all about Tyrannasaurus rex – perchance the creature with the strongest bite of any animal ever, and so positively alpha – as seen on the Coach sweater worn by Winona Ryder and friends, those earrings at Céline, and the shirt at Paul Smith. The sundry loveable – and even bigger – diplodocus is also on the fashion-approved inventory, as seen in Alexa’s balloons.

Dinosaur jeans by Kuccia at Topshop
Dinosaur jeans by Kuccia at Topshop

Now they are in manner, dinosaurs look set to go forth and multiply. At Topshop, there is the by gang – the pterodactyl, stegosaurus and triceratops, with added sequins – on a tandem of mom jeans designed by Kuccia. You can’t imagine that the average paleontologist at ones desire approve, but still. T-rex emojis complete with sincerities for eyes are only a matter of time.