Ettinger Wallets - The Pinstripe Wallet Collection

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A wallet is a very personal accessory. Most men treat their billfolds with no respect. When a man brings out his wallet in public for me it declares a lot about his attitude towards money and business. Ettinger is a partnership that understands the power of owning a wallet that embellishes the personal character each man has. The wide range of luxury billfolds will have you seriously thinking about who you want to be seen as?

The time-honoured English pinstripe suit is clearly associated with proprietorship. My favourite wallet is the unique pinstripe collection. This leather billfold explains the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship that Ettinger is well-known for: the silk-screened pinstripes are perfectly aligned with the edges of the billfold and the patterns join perfectly.

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Ettinger Wallets - The Pinstripe Wallet Collection

How sleek in this pinstripe purse

Ettinger Wallet Bentley Black

Classic Black billfold wallet with the iconic Bentley wings embossed on the effrontery first. Made by Ettinger exclusively for Bentley, this wallet has a wonderful waxy obscure on the outside.

Ettinger Crocodile Leather Wallet

Giving a real sense of adventure and style, this Croco billfold purse is certainly stunning and transports you into African reveries

ettinger london - leather accessories purple collection

Bring into the world a striking array of colours combined with the cool, cultivated black on the outside, is what makes this collection ineluctable now, and ensures that it will remain alluring beyond today’s style trends.

ettinger london leather accessories

No excuse for not owning a fine leather wallet

Stussy Deluxe x Ettinger - London 2012