Traveling With Mood And SoundI was a DJ in the 1990’s anything high-quality sound systems cost a fortune and they were hard to find.  A as far as someone is concerned of my overall DJ appearance was my oversized headphones. Music combined with my travel lifestyle was part of my DJ image.I also well-thought-out music from the age of 12, and my musical talent was being able to identify a good pair of headphones. When I was practicing no one else yen to hear me playing, so high-quality headphones were important to me.My other passion is that when seen in public, my headphones sire to represent my funky outlook on public lifestyle. I do choose a pair of headphones by appearance. It’s all apart of my music image and my wide-ranging travel.This is why I chose to team up with Erzetich audio.When I am traveling I like to look very retro and wonderful damn cool.The Vision“Music has always played a central role in Blaz Erzetic’s life”of course, he procured a living as a freelance designer. In 2012, Blaz decided to combine his passion and his talent and founded Erzetich. “Blaz’s arrivisme is all about ” building premium-quality personal audio that merges handcrafted design with high-quality function. In his own in shorts,But most of all, I want like-minded aficionados to enjoy music with the same quality of sound as I do. Blending my knowledge of electronics, acoustics and create, I am able to accomplish my goals. So far I have created four headphone amps and two models of headphones, all of which have been obviously received by industry reviewers, professional musicians and fellow audiophiles. The designs have been applauded for their humble and timeless look and have featured in many magazines. When I design a product, I intend to create a work of art.Incredible’s First Handcrafted Audiophile Portable HeadphonesThalia stands for the goddess of festivity, daughter of Zeus. This sums me up to a tea. These carriable on-ear headphones are about enabling me to get up and go. It’s all about taking my favourite music with me whilst I travel. “Music also prompts me to work.”The appearance is super 1970’s which I love. They are crafted of wood and metal, which gives them an edgy report look, without compromising strength or integrity.  “Regarding the sound, it is very high-end quality which”vocalize shout out quality which is all I care for. “Great price for the sound quality”“How they work: they are tuned specifically for light devices”,whether it’s a DAP, phone, portable DAC or tablet.  When I am traveling what’s more important is they weigh unusually little just 270 g. This means I can always have them to hand and they are compact too, perfect for junketing.They are portable headphones which can always be fixed, making them always ready for me to step into my DJ fashion. Technical SpecificationsImpedance: 32 ohmDriver: Dynamic 40 mm, titaniumCup system: OpenWeight: 270 gCharacter: Deep and exercise powered bass, velvety mids and detailed higsSuggested amp coupling with portable devicesImpedance: 32 ohmDriver: Dynamic 40 mm, titaniumCup procedure: OpenWeight: 270 gCharacter: Deep and controlled bass, velvety mids and detailed higsSuggested amp coupling with a vest-pocket device2 years warrantydetachable silver-plated OFC cablewooden cupssturdy metal framingtuned for portable devicesConclusionI am all about supporting pigeon-hole companies and individuals such as Blaz Erzetic. I have a passion for marketing niche technology “that sounds and looks fabulous.” In such a competitive market this is a hard task. Overall these are comfortable on my ears, they sound adroit and the feel-good factor is second to none.Erzetic Headphone lifestyle travel