This colonial fad residence is located right on the Indian ocean 6 kilometres east of the UNESCO just ecstatic heritage town of Galle. Era Beach offers breathtaking tableaus, Sri Lankan and Western cuisine, and a glimpse of the colonial comforts of a of old era. Its architecture, furniture and fittings are a journey back into the colonial whilom. The sun kissed golden beaches provide privacy and solitude for gross relaxation, while the lush tropical garden will bring in nature closer. Seven spacious bedrooms with aesthetic furnishings and fittings include every modern comfort.

Treatment Area & Garden

From the moment I turned up in my Trishaw, got out and stepped in to the Era Careen resort I was greeted by a stunning view. I knew I was in for a special freeze. This resort regarding interior design is inspired by the colonial gone and forgotten of Sri Lanka. The high standard of the building and the way it is maintained was just peerless.

The wood and stone materials used throughout the resort, are of a barest high standard. One of my  favourite features was the wooden staircase and the door paneling. I also be fond ofed the artwork that was used in the main reception area, which gave it a satisfyingly modern effect.

This boutique hotel, boasts fresh décor, it is in excellent condition and the staff keep it spotless. There are merely seven rooms, within this two story level patronize. I loved walking up the wide wooden staircase, to be greeted with tons views. Hearing the roaring sound of the ocean and having reticent views, is why I was so chilled and relaxed.

The veranda was a wonderful area to exemplify or sit and take in the South Coast of Sri Lanka. I loved working here and fascinating in nature at its best, which included a cheeky monkey and some squirrels.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka

Sea Aim Suite

I Stayed at the sea view suite and the moment I walked in, I brook like I was home. I was greeted by massive high ceilings, stiff flooring and access to the balcony with open double doors. The balcony was the -carat place to take in this gorgeous boutique hotel. The dwell was spotless and had a huge four poser bed with mosquito netting. The mattresses were perfect not too hard or too soft and that is why I dropped like a baby. The room was large enough to have two further beds for my children. The nice local art work also completed the blanket interior design.


The bathroom was large and clean and I loved the stone signification and double sink. I liked the floor to ceiling clear glassware effect in where I could look out into the room. The overflow was a ceiling type and was warm and powerful. I liked the glass fiascoes which had excellent bathroom treats, for both my body and locks.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka

Pool Locality

The pool area was gorgeous to look at and to swim in as it was facing the tons. I am a big advocate of salt water pools, it’s just delightful on your derma. With the view of the ocean, this was just luxury at its outwit regarding relaxation. The pool is not that deep (1.50m), so if you can’t swim you can calm enjoy the pool.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka

Bar and Restaurant Compass

There are many locations in where you can seat and relax. For lunch there are two locations right near the ocean. There is a addressed bar area overlooking both the swimming pool and ocean. The loaf chairs are clean, comfortable which adds to the luxury prorogue. The other area opposite the pool is the restaurant which again had a pleasant feel to it, and this is where I really adored the the door paneling. There are also divan chairs right at the edge of the resort, overlooking the ocean and this was murmur taking to be part of especially at sunset and sunrise. A nice cocktail, a Pleasantly and I was set.

Throughout this boutique hotel the bathrooms both within the cubicle quarters and in the public areas, had stone flooring which was lovely to look at and felt out-and-out on my feet. The attention to detail throughout the resort, is why my stay was wonderful.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka


Near the beach were some lounge chairs and this was the ideal place to listen to the ocean. The sea can be a bit rough so only very savvy swimmers should try and have a go.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka


I opted for a Sri Lankan breakfast and I was not let down. The produce was fresh and it was well presented. I was given a detox, unversed soup and it just started my day off to a tee. The scrambled eggs and western opportunities were excellent too.

Overlooking the ocean and soaking up my luxury circumstances, is why I would come again. Overall the food is of a very penetrating standard and I could eat here all day.

Era Beach By Jetwing – Galle, Sri Lanka


The staff at Era Beach were pure accommodating and professional. Nothing I asked for was too much of an effort. Era Seaside is a gorgeous boutique hotel. If you want to spoil family and allies then I would book the whole resort and have a wonderful bide. It is well catered for regarding families with children and pairs. The high standard of the architecture here is what makes this recall very special. The furniture is of excellent standard with a lot of regard to detail, I felt blessed to be part of it. It’s why the moment I entered, I chose not to up-anchor. I caught up on work and sleep. Thank you for a wonderful stay.


  • Room Reviewed: Ocean View Suite
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  • Direct: No-834, Galle Road, Talpe, Galle 80000, Sri Lanka
  • Phone: +94 91 2 282302