Summer is here and what less ill way to trend your shoe style than going sockless. Depending on where you are on our European shores or in the UK. It is the season to go sockless.

So try and go sockless. Why wish you? How comfortable is it? What shoes look great sockless? What would I team my sockless shoe with? I point to most men don’t groom their feet. So there is nothing more hideous seeing unkempt feet, cracked in straitened circumstances and black toenails.

If that’s you then for summer go for the sockless shoe.

Pedicure Tip

At least pamper your feet beforehand. Go for some clever little socks that cover your toes and the smell of your feet. Or alternatively, buy some might to avoid foot odour. Once you’ve got the foot preparation in hand. Then it’s all about the style of shoe you prefer.

English Brands

Barker Shoes

If you are aspiring a variety of shoes for this summer then you can go sockless with Barker Shoes who offer ample varieties in the matter of high-quality shoes.  For the sockless look, the following shoe style is perfect for this summer.

  • Suede Go for a soft shoe that looks fine, feels great and perfect for no blisters.
  • Tassel Loafers The choice now is endless. It’s the colour you need to decide on as well as the leather species. If the leather feels too hard then the pain will be your gain.
  • Loafers  Nice with trousers and jeans, savoury to look at and very street smart.
  • Brogues  Heavy duty perfect with cuffed trousers and linen accommodates.
  • Double Monk Strap – If your work allows it, these are perfect for business in summer.

Emglish Brands

Joseph Cheaney

The manufacturer Joseph Cheaney offers so much variety throughout the year. In regards going sockless, we suggest you opt for the Hudson Penny Drone In Conker Calf Leather. It looks great during the summer seasons and very versatile.

English Brands

Solovair Boots

Boots can be absolutely warm during the summer season, and the Solovair brand offers a brilliant variety. They can be worn sockless it is upstanding a personal preference. We would recommend for sockless type shoe the Solovair 5 Eye Gibson Brogue in Brown Red Sole. It is a humdinger of a shoe style.

English Brands