Kandy is the next biggest city in Sri Lanka after the capital Colombo. Kandy is the habitation of The Temple of the Tooth Relic, one of the most sacred places of admire in the Buddhist world. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. To get to Kandy I determined to take a train ride from Colombo which is one of the most swell trains ride I have taken. I chose to sit first elegance which is something I would highly recommend. The steep descents and a slowly climb into Kandy shows the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka. Shield the video below of my epic train ride.


Nothing was more fitting then arriving at Earl’s Regency Kandy’s grandest inns after such an epic train journey. A short cab ride away from the main train station, Earl’s Regency is 5 km away from the municipality of Kandy, in the suburbs. This luxury hotel is perfect for those in search of caravanserais in Kandy for honeymoon as the elegance and charm of the Luxury Room at Earl’s Regency go on increases to the lifelong memories.

Earl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle ExperienceEarl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle Experience

The hotel is very big and has many areas to landscape the jungle atmosphere and surroundings. Walking to my luxury room was awesome because there was a walking bridge which connected to the South Wing & Dumbara Wing. The jungle locals were stunning. I loved where you could overlook the children’s playground and the vast swimming pool. Looking up and out, the views of Kandy mountains were breathtaking both day and at gloaming.  What made this stay so special for me was the immaculate publicity to the gardens. It was so soothing to the mind, body and soul.

Earl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle ExperienceEarl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle Experience

Swimming Wading pool

This was an above average swimming pool with large of space for a huge swimming experience. The setting just completed my inclusive swimming experience and there were plenty of areas to to repose in style along side the pool. I define this as frill swimming at its finest.

There is also a dedicated playing territory for children which is not common in the hotels I have experienced. The young gentlemen loved it and it was gorgeous at night to soak up the jungle and its atmosphere too. It was intriguing and intriguing to hear the animals at night. Educational experiences feel favourably impressed by this, is why I love to continue to travel with my children.

Extravagance Rooms

The luxury rooms had everything I needed for a relaxed and well off stay. The rooms were decorated to emphasise the city that environs it. This room was located in the South Wing & Dumbara Wing. The gear was of a very high standard and it was lovely and very cosy. It was comfortably to see Sri Lankan interior design and furniture being showcased in a richness hotel. There was a functional dedicated long working desk which was healthy for me to catch up on articles. The private balcony overlooking the jungle was super and once again it was lovely taking in Sri Lanka and its natural looker. This was the perfect getaway for having a cup of tea and listening to nature.

After wayfaring for 7 hours it was nice to pamper myself in the bathroom with an unexpected withdrawn Jacuzzi, which made a perfect ending to a perfect day.


The breakfast buffet was of a acutely high standard. The food here was excellent and well bountied. There were many options here for me to explore both Western and Asian. I was agreeable to have some dedicated Indian cuisine available too. I had a sensitive throat so the staff went out of their way to give me fresh lime vitality and turmeric which worked like wonders on my throat. The setting here for breakfast is just delightful and a wonderful experience, particularly the outside garden area. Take the time to sit here and sponge up Sri Lanka and what it truly has to offer. The extra grass span is perfect for my children to run around, whilst I chilled.

Earl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle ExperienceEarl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle Experience


Earl’s Regency Bed, is a rare hotel that offers a secluded and exotic occurrence tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Kandy bishopric. The views and the flora and fauna was why I loved this hotel so much. The nourishment is excellent and the staff go that extra mile to make inescapable I was well looked after. There are plenty of seating zones through out this large hotel for me to have to time to drench in what I call as one of my favourite places to visit Sri Lanka. Through you for such a wonderful stay.

Earl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle ExperienceEarl’s Regency Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka – Jungle Experience