Everlastingly been picked on because of your ears sticking out? Are you afraid to show off your ears in public? Are you seeking new technology that is non-invasive and concedes your ears the results you are seeking?  What technology is used for prominent ears? What is Earfold surgery?Otoplasty is the basis used to describe the surgical correction of prominent ears. Most surgeons recommend that this operation is not persevere b managed out until a child’s ears are fully grown, which is usually around the age of eight.Some doctors will hold that the child should be left to decide for themselves.As a parent who has a daughter with a floppy ear. There are those ultimata that can not be ignored. So how can a correct prominent ear be sorted without to much pain?Why Correct Prominent Ears?Ears that stay out more than 2 cm from the side of the head are considered to be prominent or protruding. In most people, protruding or prominent considerations are caused by an underdeveloped antihelical fold. Although protruding ears don’t cause any functional problems such as hearing it also fro personal confidence. In my case, my daughter often is anxious about wearing her hair up in styles where her ears are well-defined.Not being able to show your ears off in public is not good for anyone’s confidence or self-esteem.Earfold LondonThere is, howsoever, a new innovative, simple technique that can be used to correct prominent ears. In many cases, Earfold Surgery, disclosed in one of London’s teaching hospitals. Earfold surgery has undergone and refinement and has now been made available to a select group of surgeons.The headway is done under a local anaesthetic and involves placing a thin, gold plated implant under the skin of the bearing of the ear to allow the cartilage underneath to bend and correct the prominence of the ear.Evidence has shown this to be a very effective and easy way of do business with protruding ears without the need for more extensive surgery and the risks associated with it.Thanks to Earfold technology they are skilled to do what is called predictable treatment option. That means the patients can be shown what the results would be partiality beforehand in the consultation room. This is simply done by placing an implant over the area to give the patient an scrupulous impression of the result. Try before you buy so to speak.Customers Testimonials AvailableAt Symmetry Clinic they allow for new customers to be gifted to look at examples of past patients to get a real sense of the end results. Which is reassuring that it works. This access is done with the control of confidentiality. After the treatment that embarrassing feeling of not wanting to show your ears off in public is a mindset of the erstwhile.For more detailed information with a free consultation please checkout Symmetry Clinic