Going to your cousin’s, colleague’s or ex’s reception this period? Here’s our pick of best slip dresses, florals and sandals to assist you feel comfortable right up to Come On Eileen

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(Left to correctly) Zara culottes and matching top ideal for a friend’s wedding; a floral garb from Finery, perfect for a parent’s second marriage; a trousersuit, feel favourably impressed by this one from Topshop, would work for a colleague’s vernissage; and vertical stripes, such as this Autograph dress, for a inaccessible cousin’s do.

Dress to impress: what to wear if you’re a blend guest

Going to your cousin’s, colleague’s or ex’s reception this period? Here’s our pick of best slip dresses, florals and sandals to remedy you feel comfortable right up to Come On Eileen

The “save the girlfriends” are starting to arrive and, right on cue, so is the anxiety. OK, the person who really has the sartorial bring home on a wedding day is the bride, but spare a thought for us poor guests. We’re electing an outfit to feel comfortable in, one that goes from champagne on the still-damp sward to Come on Eileen on the dancefloor. One that doesn’t scare the horses but has some pretence of what fashion looks like in 2017, and also something that – crucially – isn’t being threadbare by several other guests, too. The struggle is real. And that’s already you get to your relationship to the happy couple.

Here’s how to look right, classy and cool, even, at six wedding scenarios you could be get rid ofed into.

The wedding of a work colleague

Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger dead shoe. Photograph: Kurt Geiger

Spending your off-the-clock in good time always with people you are more used to talking with by email can be an gripping experience, especially when there’s a free bar. Perhaps abrasion something a bit work-y – such as a trousersuit – will subliminally jog the memory you to keep things professional, even at 3am while dancing to Mean People. You’ll certainly look on-trend: trousersuits are massive next spice. Combine with a Gucci-esque frilly blouse and jazzy flats so the look, at slight, is a bit less office-friendly.

Wedding of your partner’s friends you haven’t met

Isabel Marant Balzan floral-print silk-chiffon dress

Isabel Marant Balzan floral-print silk-chiffon array. Photograph: Matchesfashion.com

It’s early in your relationship, or it’s the wedding of a devotees friend they haven’t seen for 15 years. Whatever form of events, fabrics like lace and chiffon are your man here. They’re occasion-y but in bright orange, or the like, by no means bridal. To swerve any Kate Middleton vibes, there is a ban on shoes a nearly the same colour to your skintone. Instead a Marni-esque espadrille flatform is an elevator, thus and figuratively.

The evening do of a distant cousin

Boden backless loafer

Boden backless gold brick. Photograph: Boden

This one needs the kind of dress that provides a bit of a conversation-starter but isn’t thriving to stand out too much in a roomful of people you are somehow related to (moment removed, always once removed). Vertical stripes are the approachable of no-brainer smart that everyone needs a bit of. Wear with backless mules to drama just how chilled you are.

Your parent’s second wedding

Cos Slingbacks

Cos slingbacks. Photograph: Cos

It doesn’t occurrence if you like your dad’s new partner or can’t stand them, your job is to beam, try to keep the relevant frenemies apart, and look the part on the top defer. That’s where bold florals come in: they’re jolly, bright and you’re visible in a crowd for relatives to locate. Sensible slab heels are your shoe choice. Wear in a clashing taint only if you’re up to questions about fashion.

Your ex’s wedding

Net-A-Porter Reformation Silk maxi dress

Net-A-Porter Reformation silk maxi haul someone over the coals. Photograph: Net-A-Porter

Congrats, you’re on good terms, you’re going to the compounding. Still, watching someone you might have married get united is undeniably weird. You want a look that slays without looking equal you’ve tried to hard. The satin slip dress is your power emphasize. It’s outwardly plain but it has the soul of a cocktail dress. Wear with suite of rooms sandals and think of it as humblebrag dressing.

Your best lover’s wedding in Europe

New Look White Cross Front Heeled Mule

New Look white cross front heeled mules. Photograph: ASOS

It’s already expenditure you £3,498 to do Positano in high season but you’re thinking of it as a holiday – and your angels are going, too. This means the dress codes are looser. Something with floral culottes and matching shirt make sense – and equivalent channel a bit of Amber Valletta in the new Vogue. Wear with anaemic heels on the day and Teva sandals the rest of the summer while you pay off Positano.