Christmas is unquestionably one of the most popular times to get down on one knee. If you’re thinking near harnessing holiday cheer to pop the question to the woman you love, here are a few do’s and don’ts to feed in mind.


DO use the season’s strengths to plan your proposal.

Twinkly obscures, pure driven snow, and mistletoe all add up to a very romantic tone during the holiday season. Use these to your advantage as you set the altercation, whether it’s writing your question in the snow or proposing at a festive tree-lighting niceties just as the With ready-made romance and cheer at this moment of year, it’s easy to get a bit lazy with your proposal. After all, you already take a postcard-perfect backdrop, right? Wrong. Find a way to personalize the proposition – think about how you met, special moments you’ve shared, and your bride to be’s actual interests to make it unique.

DO make the announcement at a family convocation.

Hold off on flashing photos of the ring on Instagram until you’ve had a opportunity to tell the family. Family Christmas gatherings provide the exquisite occasion to share your good news, so that you can all laud together.

DO have an engagement timeline in mind.

Be aware that one of the in the first place questions you’re going to be asked at that family gathering is if you’ve picked a year or not! Start your planning early.

DON’T forget to take photos.

It’s clear to get caught up in the moment with so much going on at this organize of year, but don’t forget about capturing the moment.

DON’T forget to research around for the ring.

You’re spoiled for choice at this time of year, as jewellers conflict for holiday business. You can hit the high street for inspiration and shop online for preset combat rings or design your own on websites like Vashi. Abide your time, and don’t forget to think about her sense of sort. This might mean lurking on her Pinterest page or praying her best friend for ideas!

DON’T neglect to buy a Christmas present.

Ok, date rings cost money, so it’s natural to feel a bit miserly when it sink in fare to shelling out for a separate Christmas gift. But these are two separate inducements, requiring two separate gifts. Plan ahead and budget for both.