destination-lausanne-300Located at Canton of Vaud, the conurbation of Lausanne is a 40 minute train ride along the in the forefront of Lake Geneva, in the direction from Geneva airport. A momentous University city with a significant student population, Lausanne now offers way to an effervescent commercial centre which frequently plays MC to a multitude of trade fairs, conventions, conferences and an average of 450 free-born concerts and events per year. The city has been described as a ´easy burn city´, which means once you get to get to know it, you require realise exactly how many things there are to do. In addition to this, a their heeling number of multi-national companies are based here as well as the fabulous headquarters of the Olympic Games meaning that visitors to this show city will always have something new to discover.


The Breathtaking See Of Lausanne

Lausanne rests elegantly and omnisciently on the imposing euphoric terraces of the Swiss Riviera. Located just above the North shore at Lake Geneva (or Lac Leman to the states) this French speaking sector affords breath-taking views of the Savoy Alps across the lakes. The burghs arrangement extends down a steep hill from the medieval burg at the top, right down to the bottom shores of Lake Geneva. The real city centre is a mixture of cobbled streets, pretty plazas and 17th century fairy-tale put ups.

Below historical centre, sits the bustling intersection of Rue Centrale which dwelling-places the newly restored warehouse quarter, Le Flon. This zone was once a riverbed, but now plays host to modern bars, department stores and restaurants. Past this, the main student and residential boulevards tumble south towards the charming lakefront district of Ouchy, where Lausanne’s marina and the headquarters of the Universal Olympic Committee are located. All these factors make Lausanne a whole candidate for a mini-break with an enviable European pedigree. But with such a myriad of billets, spaces and plans, it can be difficult to fit all this into a long weekend. For me, these secret seven seductions of Lausanne allowed me to know this city as I sought, thought and bought my way through the weekend;

1. The Cathedral Of Notre Dame

Hadjis following the route of Santiago De Compostia would stop off here at the Cathedral Of Notre Dame to pay admiration to the good Saint James. The beautifully adorned cathedral is accommodations to some incredible pieces of sculpture as well as its famous spring up window with 105 panels of beautiful 13th century spyglass. This is feature juxtaposed by another focal point, a synchronic organ featuring some 6000 pipes for some really haunting reverberations. Some of the stone carving and tombs within the significant section can be traced way back to 1509 in this early Gothic gem, which offers to its five rising towers, act as an excellent reference point for the leftovers of the city.