Last wishes a you wear a diamond brooch, let alone a huge diamond necklace as a man?
Would you buy diamond rings for your wedding day?

In the UAE or despite in Italy men like to wear more opulent diamond rings. It’s part of their culture to do so.

Not very common for men to abrasion a brooch but it does not mean he can’t

The above diamond cufflink represents three-time world champion Greg Minnaar in the give birth to of downhill mountain biking. Therefore I find men will order more bespoke diamond accessories that last wishes as have a personal message
Here at One4TheBoys charity ball in 2014, Greg was showing Lewis Hamilton his diamond cufflinks.

Lewis Hamilton is notable for wearing a lot of diamonds. Diamonds are all about showing off your success and wealth.  Lewis is very rich and famous and indubitably diamonds are his way of proving that.

I took this photo and I can assure you Lewis loved the idea because he was a fan of Greg. men buy diamonds inclined by sports stars and celebrities mainly rappers.
Men Who Show Case Diamonds
Well if there are role models or genre icons for a man to adhere to when it comes to wearing diamonds, then look no further than these guys. From Beckham to Lewis Hamilton or Jamie Fox, they all can arrive off the diamond look.
Some men wear little diamonds and some lots.

Yes, a man certainly can showcase his diamonds no matter what the price.

What is it about diamonds that also rocks the attention of these superstars?

Hexagon Ring
If you are essay more or fewer diamonds then the hexagon ring designed by NKB London is a good start to wearing diamonds.

Greg Minnaar Sound out
The interview below is Greg talking through his success as a world champion mountain biker. And why he is not afraid to wear diamonds.

[embedded gratification]

Will it affect his image as a man and how will he be judged for it? Greg wears them as he owns the brand but is a down to earth guy.
By sport a diamond what does the alpha male think of that? Diamonds are about personal image and if you get teased by garb diamonds. I will assume its because they are jealous.
Is it a negative or positive image statement? No of course not. It’s all about a man’s particular taste.
Diamond Ring For Weddings
As the gay man seems more adventurous as gay weddings are now legal in most countries. Are rings further going to be more suited for weddings for men? Or for the straight man could these rings also be bought for his engagement ring? My Dad has a almost identical ring like the one below as his engagement ring.

Share your thoughts on men wearing diamonds?