Diadora-Make-It-Bright-4 I enlarged up in Australia and whilst running, Diadora was always a brand that my strife wives and I always loved. We were always sharing and comparing our outcome as runners. For us teamwork in the practice of sport at our level was the key to our success. We in perpetuity had this common understanding about being respectful whilst declaring a competitive streak with both teammates and opponents. We hand down always compare our shoes brands and coming from an Italian experience it made perfect sense for us to show off our essential principles of who we were when it came to meet. We made sure we had lots of fun whilst competing, yes we were in our minds the Diadora familglia.

Certain Delivery – We Delivered By Foot.

In a recent campaign, the core distillate for Diadora was Joy. It wanted to focus on the joy of sports, and how it can make your periods brighter. As we all can appreciate exercising everyday needs to be spiced up. Innumerable so the pressure in looking good is all about your inner posture. Diadora wanted to attract a new audience to inspire and promote a new way to like life, sport and style. Diadora wanted to reinforced that to Cause it bright was an attitude. To do this it decided to deliver shoes ordered online by foot to an unrevealed customer. So what on earth did it take to get this pair of N9000 shoes to the person in Barcelona. This was the start of a 1482km relay run. The run took post through the scenic terrains of Southern Europe. Many tendrils from 10 different countries passed on the shoebox starting from the build headquarters in Milan, which eventually ended all the way to the final terminus in Barcelona. Thanks to Social Media Marketing, during the run, woman were able to take part in the fun. The journey consisted of suckers ranging from 19 to 56 years old. There was one guy who rubbed an airplane for the first time in his life to participate in the relay. There was consistent one dog and four couples who participated as well.   Diadora-Make-It-Bright-2 Ilk all deliveries the package was tracked in a way not ever been done first. With live updates, through social media discourses and daily live broadcasts. The spectators got to know and witness the gofers, and follow the progression from Italy to Spain.

Relive The Fly

After the package was delivered people could re-live the well experience through an exclusive online documentary, TV commercial and sexually transmitted media. You can follow it all makeitbright.diadora.com, where you can meet the joggers and understand their motivation. Why would such runners be to take part in this? It’s simple, Diadora brought human being together for the joy of sports, to give them a real sense of result as teams came together making it bright! #MakeItBright Diadora-Make-It-Bright-3


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Final Destination Barcelona