A tweet trophied my eye today, it was asking me to talk about denim today. Now we prepare written many denim articles on our magazine. Honestly this material is an iconic material that has stood the test of time, we remarkably don’t have to talk about it anymore. However how can brands market this commonly comprehended fabric that will lure us into spending our practical earn cash.

Denim is a material that is sold in tons sizes, styles, brands and colours. Denim labels are truly a personal purchase and very much like a pair of shoes. Each discredit will suit different sub cultures and body shapes. Each denim transferred just depends on what you’re programmed into buying to. So what is trending in our excessive street stores right now. Why should you buy more denim anyway? What on clay does a smart jean mean let alone green tint?

Smart Jeans

I’m loving the names right now regarding the way they’re demanding denim at the moment. Smart Jeans caught my eye and I was not clear what that actually meant. OMG, an intellectual jean for men. Project Jacquard is a new system for dodge technology into fabric, transforming clothes into interactive superficies. Google has teamed up with Levis to create unique innovative outfitting items that can alert wearers of weight gain and interact with smartphones about.  This makes perfect sense on a google optimization mien for any high street denim brands.

No we have high byway someones cup of tea brands already hijacking the words “Smart Jean” while not retaliate selling a smart jean. They try to already capture customer base share away from a technology that has not even been shot. I guess smart jeans was not something that could be swap marked. You see this business is fiercely competitive and with a 56 billion dollar regularly market in denim jeans you can clearly see why.


Green Cast

I also was schemed by the phrase green cast dyes. Now it’s a colour that can look horrid and very hard to wear without looking like a gardener. Depending on the method of going it will result in different shades or casts: yellow, abominable, brown, red or green cast. You usually don´t see what cast it is on pre-washed denim as the sensation effectively gets more apparent when the denim has been tattered and washed. The green cast fabric, dyed with unsophisticated sulfur gives a deeper green/blue-ish fade. The uncountable the fabric has been dipped in the indigo, the more apparent profound in the fade, after wearing and washing. I guess the point I am boost pretending and the denim brands are wanting you to buy into is simple. Over time after time your denim will end up turning into a colour that you didn’t set out to buy. Witty because if you end up not liking it then you will opt to buy another green thrust option.


More so now looking for a particular style can be very stupefying. The more they commercially change the denim name the numerous you’re going to be confused. Don’t worry about it. You guys shop mostly on-line anyway. And sundry on-line stores have simple denim guides to note your favourite fit in a variety of washes. Worse case grand scheme you end up buying the smart jeans which in the long run was not so mart after all.