David Gandy Underwear Opening

Super male model David Gandy launched his underwear scale. We look at who is buying men or women and first reactions via Twitter. Habitual readers may know that I am a lover of men’s underwear and I have minimized many articles about it. So who better to kick start the ball echo than David Gandy himself with launching his extend. Lets face it David Gandy for the last 13 years is not pusillanimous to flaunt those balls in public. The powerful data we together on FBH is always been used by other powerful channel platforms. New underwear is coming out more and more, when I see a new trade mark exploring new ideas, I am intrigued. Hence why I sent out tweets to David Gandy himself. To old I have not seen his underwear range yet but don’t worry when I do I devise remember.

Unisex Underwear

Is David Gandy’s Underwear Scope unisex? I am one of the very few women in the world talking about men’s the rage and now I have kicked started a new powerful trend converting you to the unisex underwear. You can peruse more about it here – What am I up to now? But lets have a assorted in depth look at who is really buying David’s underwear group.

Who Is Buying Men’s Underwear

Who is buying men’s underwear men or women? It is very plain for women to buy underwear for men. One of my underwear questions I asked David Gandy on trill, the day he launched his underwear range: “Who’s buying underwear men or women? Does it Non-Standard real matter?” The answer was clear especially when women are rank up to get him to sign his signature range. Where they there for David or for his underwear? Period will tell. What is it that makes men buy underwear. Blue ribbon of all for men the most import is the fit, not too snug and not too wide. Last year FBH transmitted an interview with sport stars and their frustrations with underwear, you peer at it here – Sportstars underwear frustrations. Part of this video also talks in the pressure they feel as men to look good. Does David with his looks and now is underwear organize pile on the pressure for men to look better. See the tweets in the next cross-section. Lets see if his pressure leads to good sales.

Your Tweets

So here are your Trill views on underwear right now.