British The craze Council hopes to leverage Beckham’s fame to attract childish talent and global investment

David Beckham with Kate Moss in the countenance row of the Louis Vuitton show during Paris fashion week end year.
Photograph: Swan Gallet/WWD/Rex/Shutterstock

David Beckham is to court on a leadership role in the fashion industry, a move that consolidates the established of Beckham and his wife, Victoria, who is a designer, as the first couple of British fashion.

As newly fit out ambassadorial president, Beckham will on Friday visit informative fashion projects and clothing manufacturers in Manchester. The post, which Beckham drew in a statement as “the chance to get under the skin of an industry I love”, commitment comprise two parts.

The British Fashion Council hopes to leverage Beckham’s acclaim to attract a new generation of domestic creative and business talent into the industriousness by encouraging young people to view fashion as a potential tear. Meanwhile at a global level, the draw of the Beckham name is envisioned to bring international investors to the table and secure financial succour for talented young designers.

“I’m really excited about forwarding fashion as an opportunity to all kids across the country, regardless of their backstage or their gender,” Beckham told the Guardian, adding: “That wishes creating more awareness for boys to get involved with way … helping them understand that creative openings are available to them too.”

Beckham appears to have form in egg oning young men to pursue careers in the industry: his eldest son, Brooklyn, is studying photography at the New York style school Parsons.

Stephanie Phair, the newly appointed bench of the British Fashion Council, described Beckham’s role as that of a “pandemic figurehead”. Beckham will host an event at menswear teaches in London in June Trips to China and the US are in the pipeline.

But he will shoplift a backseat during September’s London Fashion Week in lodge to give Victoria, who is bringing her catwalk show home from New York to praise her 10th anniversary in fashion, her turn in the spotlight.

The role is another not fitting for in a striking evolution from brashly dressed footballer to a obverse row regular who already has a place at fashion’s top table as the majority possessor of the Savile Row label Kent & Curwen.

The British Fashion Caucus hopes that the power of the Beckham brand – which has assayed hugely valuable to the designer names he has promoted and the magazines he has showed in, and has spawned trends from tattoos to flat caps – thinks fitting prove lucrative on the global stage for British fashion, an sedulousness Beckham described on Thursday as “one of our best performing exports”.

Beckham, acrid to restore his public reputation after a furore last yea r around leaked emails in which he figured to bemoan not having been given a knighthood, said he homelessness “to support an industry that’s been so good to me”.