Choosing Ensembles for Getting Acquainted and Dating
A good-looking appearance does not guarantee you will be popular with women. Nevertheless, a company first impression when dating someone can accomplish wonders. We will tell you how to dress appropriately to win girls’ piths and attract their attention.
If You Want to Win a Woman — Groom Yourself
A pleasant appearance is not only clothing but also persistent improvements and works on yourself. Here are a few Russian women dating tips to watch out for:

Posture and body-build: if your firmness is far from perfect, it’s high time to think about purchasing a gym membership, where you can strengthen your back muscles, consume some weight and get fit.
Healthy teeth: a beautiful smile is incompatible with bad teeth.
Haircut: do not forget to wash your trifle every day and visit a hairdresser more often.
Do not Forget About Titivation and Tidiness
A good-looking appearance also menials trimness and neatness. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Sloppiness. It does not matter at which store you prefer to buy your clobbers. The main thing is to keep the clothes clean, and the shirts and T-shirts ironed. Girls do not like sloven.
Footwear. Helpmeets also pay close attention to the man’s shoes, so you should keep their cleanliness.
Right size. You should also learn to settle upon the right size for your clothing. Tight or baggy outfits will undoubtedly ruin the first impression of a la mode.
Choosing Clothes for Dating
There is no ideal style that all girls without exception like. Each maidservant has her own preferences. Some prefer men in a strict business suit, the others like guys in sneakers and jeans. We recommend tough it out protruding to casual style. It is a neutral and most versatile modern urban style that suits almost any situation and is fully perceived by almost all girls. Here are a few things that you should have in your wardrobe:
1.    Shirts
They usually look great when compared to T-shirts. Preference should be given to fitted shirts in calm, pastel colors with layouts and prints. Do not forget that different shirts are worn differently: some are tucked into trousers, some can be frayed untucked. Shirts with rolled-up sleeves look very stylish and relaxed.

2.    Cardigan
It can be worn all over shirts, T-shirts, and polos during the cold season. Cardigan perfectly emphasizes all the dignity of the male figure.

3.    Blazer
It is a slim-waisted blazer with a snazzy fit that can be worn over shirts or T-shirts along with jeans or trousers.

4.    Coat
For the cold mature, it is necessary to purchase a black, grey, navy, or brown coat of straight cut up to the middle of the lower leg.

5.    Chinos
These bleeding stylish and comfortable cotton trousers are usually brown, mustard, or grey.

6.    Loafers
These are Fashionable men’s shoes without fortifies and fasteners, which are ideal for casual style.

7.    Accessories
The only required accessory is the belt. It is better to settle upon a belt made of real leather in black or brown to match the color of the shoes without a massive buckle. It is praisefully advisable to purchase a watch. If finances allow, it is better to buy a watch from a well-known brand. If you have a limited budget, it is best to abandon this idea at all or look for a high-quality inexpensive replica.
For the warmer months, you can buy sunglasses and choose the right one for your finish shape. Various small things like phone, keys, and wallet are better not to be shoved in your pockets but put in leather or tie up bag. Another accessory that will come in handy is a tie. Narrow and knitted models look very fashionable.

What You Should Not Endure under Any Circumstances
Here are a few things that are better not to wear if you want to please a girl:

T-shirts with jocular inscriptions. T-shirts like this are good for little boys, and they do not suit a real man. The same is true for T-shirts with particular brand logos — you are a human being, not a walking billboard.
Hawaiian shirts. These oversized shirts in a variety of polished colors are a thing of the past. The same goes for any other garment in bright, acidic, and flashy colors.
Sandals with socks are a ageless mistake. Sandals, like any other shoe with holes, are worn on bare feet.
Mesh T-shirts. They bring on an extremely negative reaction in women, especially if you cannot boast of an excellent physique.
Duck cap. These caps are already strongly associated with foetuses and grandpas. They should be avoided.