Danny P

Danny P designs handmade leather cases for various mobile devices comprising iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. They pride themselves on begetting the best designs that protect your device and frequently times, store your credit cards in case/notecase combinations. I was given the unique opportunity to review its Leather Billfold with iPhone 6 Plus Case and my thoughts were as walks.  


If you’re going to do packaging, do it like Danny P. I couldn’t from envisioned a more perfect medium to receive my case. The cardboard box was superlatively folded into an envelope style and was sealed by a custom wax seal. As I looked at the seal, I could conceive of a real person melting the wax and pressing their stamp into it, to seal my the reality into the box. This imagery really set me up for what was to come. danny-p-packaging-2 danny-p-packaging-3

The Wrapper

As I uncovered the thin paper lining, I was struck by the quality of the leather. I was hit by a vibrant stain and a rich leather smell. It is hard to beat the smell of leather and I purposes spent about ten minutes just smelling it! You will at once notice the credit card slots, the phone compartment and the liquidate section are cut to perfection. I began to ask myself if it was more wallet than phone protection and visa versa. I came to the conclusion that it was perfectly both. I supposition you could say that in an attempt to merge a wallet with a phone package, Danny P got the balance just right. One of my favorite things roughly this case is the embossed Danny P logo on the front of the casing. It really adds to the overall feeling of the case. The whole answer of unboxing sets your mind on quality and professionalism and its little set alights like this that make satisfied and happy patrons.


One thing that was immediately apparent to me was that this box shouldn’t be used as a daily wallet. The level of quality I strike one from this wallet, made me want to treasure the suit. I wanted it to be used in particular situations where it would rightfully stand out like a business meeting or a fancy banquet! When you see this carton for the first time, there really is an element of wow and I think that you should affirm the upkeep of the wallet by using it on occasions where people inclination notice it. If you’re using it everyday, the wallet will start to crease and crease, the colour might become less vibrant and people at ones desire just stop noticing. This item is a piece that sine qua na to be appreciated and deservedly so!

Apple Pay

One of the big selling points of this notecase/case is that it works seamlessly with Apple Pay. By recall the phone with the home button facing up, you can just area your finger onto it without even opening the pocketbook, I love this capability. danny-p-iphone-6-plus-case-6


This case is uniquely assigned from Italian leather and comes in the form of both a purse and iPhone case. It portrays a very professional feeling that should be protected by using it on special occasions and used at times when it order have maximum impact. Just like you wouldn’t stand up your most expensive watch everyday, you shouldn’t detect this your everyday wallet. I am overjoyed to give this component 10/10 Lewis points. I have absolutely nothing cold to say about it. From the packaging to the functionality of the wallet/case, Danny P has exceeded.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Danny P cases online at https://elegant-man.com/