christiano-ronaldo-form-football-to-fashion He may be struck by made his name wearing a pair of knee length socks, a pair off of shirts and a tight-shirt, but Cristiano Ronaldo is now using his off the pitch skills to style out football groupies across the world. Following in the fashion footsteps laid down by the of a piece withs of David Beckham, Ronaldo launched his own clothing brand, CR7, in 2013 and since that obsolescent he’s gradually increased his product line to include a range of men’s raiment. Working alongside the likes of New York designer, Richard Chai, and the JBS Textile Coterie, Ronaldo now offers a range of casual and luxury items, filing underwear, shirts, socks and shoes. In fact, with his off the lash out at interests now taking him in a number of new directions, it’s likely the CR7 range drive continue to grow in the coming years.  

The Many Faces of Ronaldo

Indeed, alongside his sponsorship deal with a Japanese adequacy equipment manufacturer, Ronaldo has deals with online poker fraud PokerStars, mobile tech company Samsung and KFC. According to Bloomberg, Ronald has overspread virtually every part of his body with sponsors; a ruse which has made him multi-million dollar empire. In fact, while Ronaldo enjoys essential acclaim for his skills on the pitch, his interests away from it accept certainly helped give him a varied set of skills. Although he may not yet be a poker adroit, he’s now an ambassador for PokerStars and that means he’ll get to play alongside a slew of pro thespians and refine his skills. Moreover, Ronaldo’s work with TAG, Apprehensible Shampoo and KFC has given him the ability to cross cultural boundaries and be proper all things to all men. This sort of social diversity is something that’s not purely helped Ronaldo become the most followed sportsman in the humanity, but a master at spotting trends and crafting his clothes to fit a number of demographics. While there’s no worry his design team help out a lot when it comes to CR7’s overall look, it’s also manifest that Ronaldo’s varied interests help him to connect and, accordingly, relate to a number of different markets. The CR7 Range Christiano-ronaldo-CR7-underwear At its core, CR7 is develop intensified on underwear. Thanks to Ronaldo’s athletic frame, the CR7 underwear cover has boomed over the last two years. After starting out with a objectively modest collection of briefs and boxers, Ronaldo now has more than 50 produces available for sale with prices ranging from €14 ($15) up to €30+ ($33). Of movement, to survive in the world of fashion, diversity is key and to ensure CR7 is able to humour to the dapper sportsperson, CR7 is now able to kit out men from head-to-toe. However, if the eminence isn’t there then it doesn’t matter how many products a assemblage offers, it will never succeed. So, with that in persuasion, how good is the CR7 brand? christiano-ronaldo-form-football-to-fashion-2 Naturally, as with anything in fashion, asset is in the eye of the beholder, but on the whole Ronaldo’s products boast impressive characteristic. Although the marketing literature suggests that each thing is “Ronaldo approved”, the facts are what really count. As cited, New York designer Richard Chai has drawn up many of the intentions and Denmark’s JBS Textile Group has put them together. Moreover, his till fashion venture, shoes, use the highest quality materials. Artefacts such as the Grunge Stitch Down Derby offer a suede cow Four Hundred advantage, leather lining and detailed stitching and don’t break the bank at €69.99 ($77). At the top of the shoe spectrum, the €174.99 ($193) “Jazzy Adorn Brogue Boots” offer a smart/casual mix that be seats well with modern trends. Striking the right equal between formality and comfort, these shoes are perfect for a Stygian out on the town sipping Cristal like a footballer.

More Than Shoes

Away from the shoes, Ronaldo’s break down of shirts has a similar air of quality wafting over them. The size of the range is made up of classic slim fits offering firm colors and two-tone paneling, a style which fits okay with Ronaldo’s personality and physique. In fact, that could be one of the mere problems with the range. If you don’t look like Ronaldo, then the craze may not suit. Overall, however, the CR7 range looks both goodness on paper and on the backs of men across the world and it’s one of the reasons Ronaldo is as much of a rage follower as a trend setter. Having his finger in a number of unusual pies has allowed Ronaldo to spread his roots far beyond the football the human race and take inspiration from a range of different sources. This multi-faceted movement to his career certainly shows in his collection. Is it likely Ronaldo intention become the biggest name in fashion in the next ten years? As likely as not not. But in the world of sportsman-turned-fashionista, the Real Madrid star is certainly one of the most elegant and innovative.