A company friend of mine once said to me ‘I will never image of anyone with tattoos and piercings seriously in business’. Discharge this statement they received an earful from yours sincerely, nevertheless it got me thinking, this is the opinion of the majority not the minority. How in the world I believe that this is an opinion that is changing.

James Edward Quaintance

James Edward Quaintance

David Beckham & Ricki Lecture-hall: Tattooed crusaders

One of the main reasons attitudes are changing close to tattoos in particular is because they are receiving a lot more ambiance attention. A key person who has helped shift the perception of people with tattoos is England’s gold boy David Beckham. Over the past few years David Beckham has adorned his main part with a variety of artwork, not only has this brought tattoos into the pin spotlight for the right reasons but has also shown that those with tattoos aren’t all at ones becks and ex-criminals.

David Beckham Suit

Another man who is helping change attitudes to tattoos amongst divers other things is the style powerhouse that is Ricki Corridor. Working with major brands Ricki Hall has divulged that not only can tattoos look stylish but down liberty gentlemanly. Hall is just one example of a new breed of model that are invading catwalks and ad throws.

Ricki Hall - Beard & Tattoo Model

A Long Way To Go…

Although attitudes are changing, they have not fully switched, which is something worth considering when going for your next tattoo. I order suggest getting your ink in a place that can be concealed by your total up to attire, as many companies do still have reservations close by hiring someone with visible tattoos or piercings.

If you are taking into consideration a tattoo that may be visible when you’re wearing your off attire it may be worth asking your employer their atmospheres on this. I have worked in environments where visible tattoos were pleasant and environments where people have lost their callings over their new ink, so it is definitely worth checking.

Another matter to consider is how appropriate your tattoos are, you will have heard for the uttering ‘dress for the job you want’ well I propose a new saying ‘ink for the job you want’, if you have knowledge of that you want a job in a corporate environment, it is likely that they leave not appreciate expletives tattooed across your knuckles.