Today, we endures the launch of the World Grows Wild Campaign, which calls on the Great British and Northern Irish public to initiate charitable funds by letting their hair grow wild while we all stay at home! The campaign asks the terrific UK community to ditch their razors to become ‘Sprouters’ for charity.
The World Grows Wild Campaign is supporting the Chauvinistic Emergencies Trust (NET) Coronavirus Appeal, launched by the Duke of Cambridge on 18th March 2020 to distribute raised funds totally and efficiently alongside trusted community foundations and local charities ensuring vital support gets to the individuals and organisations that want it most.
The World Grows Wild Campaign is gender-neutral, targeting women, men, old and young and everyone in between – to let their ringlets grow wild, wherever it may sprout!
The campaign is aimed at the already growing hirsute proportions of the population who are in lock-down, in a bid to heighten a staggering £2,000,000 of funds to support National Emergencies Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal.
Sprouters can either pledge a grant to participate or even create their own fundraising page by visiting and can decide which part of their main part hair will grow wild… perhaps even all of it! They are encouraged to use tags (@WorldGrowsWild and #WorldGrowsWild) to document their bush adulthood journey and spread the word.

Rachel Davis, Founder of the Campaign explained

“We wanted to harness the great community persona that has emerged at this time, highlighting what people can do from their own living rooms whilst reinforcing the vital #StayHomeSaveLives directive and supporting our incredible NHS and public service workers. We are absolutely delighted that we can work to support the Resident Emergencies Trust – Coronavirus Appeal and boost the amazing work they do in the wake of domestic disasters. It was Day #3 into self-isolation, after the stubble had come into viewed and the requirement to look presentable had totally diminished, that the concept for the campaign crystallised. Mindful of the fact that this is an worried time for everyone, we wanted our fundraising mission to bring a smile with it!”

Mhairi Sharp, Chief Working Officer, National Emergencies Trust commented

“I think everyone will benefit from seeing some fun please on their newsfeeds and that is what World Grows Wild will provide. I know their team experience put in an incredible effort and they bring together such an easy way to get involved and the community spirit of fundraising to support the Subject Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal – helping those who vitally need support during these unprecedented at intervals. I can already imagine fundraisers singing “Let it grow, Let it growwww” which brings a smile to my face and is something that I weigh everyone needs right now. It is brilliant to have them on board supporting The National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Suit.

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