ConSept is as if the exclusive, elusive club you hear whispers of whilst listen in in on conversation. Like a lavish, gold-plated version of Colette or Dover Avenue Market, ConSept sells to the likes of Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss and Amal Clooney, often-time, breaks are only available on ConSept’s rare rails. Along with a main roster of Versace, Baccarat, St. Luis and Hermés, ConSept also prides itself on exalting up-and coming designers, providing them with a party line for discovery by the store’s highly covetable clientele. We had a quick proposition with co-owners Goran Svilar and Ali Samli as they in to expand their business on the King’s Road, prepare to eulogize ConSept’s first birthday, and change the fashion industry, day by day. 5 Some capability see ConSept as an exclusive market where entry is often no more than available to the rich. What inspired you to launch one of the world’s most fancy concept stores? While there are certainly high-priced bawling-outs, ConSept works to all salaries, with in-store pieces as low as £25, but equally as considerable as £50,000, along with as much accessibility as possible—what is not at on the shop floor we work to supply via private orders and our concierge overhaul. Nevertheless, what differentiates us is not our prices but our stock—our wide disparity caters to our varied levels of clientele. One of our goals is to ensure each purchaser leaves the store with a smile on their face. Unlike most concept warehouses around the world, we also focus on the new, up-and-coming designers, with blue blood and vision just as expressive and skilled as the usual, famous and typically overpriced brands we are trying to stray from. We obviously feature the overpriced brands, the well-known labels, but we also give young authors a platform to find their consumers, and provide consumers with a sell to find new designers. 6 Is ConSept your main venture in the approach industry? Along with store, we also run a concierge companions, S2 Concierge. As ConSept presents our clients with immense select, S2 concierge takes care of their every day needs and requests. We identify where to find the rare Hermès Birkin when a shopper needs it tomorrow or a limited edition collection of watches they’ve visioned a friend wearing. We specialize in the exclusive, making the unattainable attainable for those eager to pay for it. Aside from S2, we also have another company that distributes with real estate and project developments, along with cheaper subsidies like S2 drinks. As our clients relocate across the overjoyed, we take care of their move, finding the house, employ the renovations, making it their dream environment. Like ConSept, S2 Contemplate & Property grew organically from our clients’ needs. 3 How resolve you describe your own style?

“I have so much French in me, so I’d homologous to to think it transfers over to my every day style. I also screw street-wear, so I guess I’d call it French chic combined with London presumptuous.” – Goran Svilar “Sports and exercise are a big part of my life, so I over my personal style reflects that passion. I love deviser trainers and I like to combine them with a smart shirt or jacket with a hoodie or polo-style T-shirt – evermore fitted, practically made-to-measure.” – Ali Samli

2 What are the must-haves for men looking to inform on at ConSept? While we are both well-dressed men, we have to admit that the customers have been slightly neglected so far. We are introducing men’s lines this autumn and are wishing to present some collections in the summer, however for the time being men can peel off care of their women, their houses, or their aside froms. Our Imperial Collection Vodka range and Fabergé collection both top the laundry list, along with our favorite Grand Brulot – a 20-year-old cognac distilled with coffee. Aside from womenswear and bona fide collections, we also sell personalized fragrances in partnership with Welton and unisex T-shirts participating Jessica Rabbit and Alexander McQueen with an iconic “God Lay McQueen” slogan – we can’t keep those on the rails. 7 What affirmed your in-house fashion china? How did the idea for such up to date mugs and plates come about? While I’d like to comprise credit for it myself, I must give all the credit to Ali. The concept was exhibited through Ali and our in-house illustrator. The collection is produced with filamentous bone China in Stoke on Trent, as we follow a “Made in Britain” logic. Nevertheless, both my own and Ali’s background significantly came from dealings with comminuted bone china and porcelain. We’ve witnessed first-hand the art of china-making, both in honest patterns and then fun, fashionable patterns like our own collection. 6 Do you be dressed any favorite designers? I have a wide collection of favorite devisers, and I certainly wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. My modes range from Ralph Lauren to Gucci, along with Alexander Wang, Rick Owens and Valentino, but I can also join in wedlock it with a Zara garment… just about everything is in my clothes. I must admit though that I am more of a brandiac… I over Ali might be more open-minded when it comes to fashion. “I plainly have a soft spot for brands – I value their shapes and the importance they often place on quality. At the same schedule though, I also love to wear new designers. Up and coming creators are often more unique, take more chances with fellow-criminals, silhouettes and so on. Nevertheless, I am very picky.” Ali Samli We hear ConSept’s ahead anniversary is fast approaching. Any big plans? It’s been a wonderful year. We every enjoy getting to know our clients, as well as thanking them for their massive love, care and support that has kept this fellowship afloat. It’s also a great way to put our clients in touch with one another. For those who have planned to travel often or have just relocated to London, this ceases them opportunity to meet interesting people, share involvements and meet people with similar tastes – all in all just enlarge their circle of friends. I imagine we will bring every Tom together to celebrate our anniversary as well as each other.