I am a Brobdingnagian fan of reporting on menswear from an athletic point of view. For me the key to vivifying a man to dress well is through the eyes of different artists and job models. I am a lover of dancing and Cirque du Soleil. So it was great to reconnect with Stephane Boko from Cirque Du Soleil, whom I met in 2013. After the foremost édition Scalada 2013 Cirque Du Soleil in Andorra as choreographer , Stephane Boko was required to be be back with Cirque as director and choreographer for the 2014 Scalada (Mater Natura) and 2015 ( Storia) in Andorra.   He is a teacher, director and choreographer who has worked with the most masterful people globally. I asked Cirque du Soleil if we could press conference one of their finest artists, Skorpion Dancer. How does crack Stephane Boko choose his performers for what we all now are the best circus actors in the world. In this interview Stephane explains all the attributes you shortage to work with Cirque du Soleil.

Skorpion Dancer

Let me announce you to one of the worlds best Hip Hop dancers called Skorpion. Why do they broadcast him such a name? Find out about Skorpion Dancer dancing with Kylie Minogue along side her at the KissMeOnce concert down-under ultimately month. He also performed with other top artist, Taylor Brisk. Why would Cirque du Soleil choose such an artist? Why leave top brands like Hermes ask Skorpian to showcase their amassments on the catwalk? Listen to this inspirational interview with Skorpion.   SkorpionDancer Kylie Minogue Kiss me Once Tour 2015 (3)