Fabolous in ChristopherChaun Bradley Waffle Knit silk bow tie

Christopher Chaun FW13

The active principle of a fashion accessory lies in its ability to complete or accentuate, in the final bearing the influence to make or break a look via its artistic finesse. When considering the iconic bow tie, the rules remain – and this now raging accessory has been re-imagined like never before. Known for his affirmation design-style, Christopher Chaun leads his namesake brand with a acrimonious sense of detail and an innovative imagination. With a love for bow sleepers, yet a taste uniquely his own, a hobby of creating bow ties for his event shows that began in 2009 has transformed into an internationally conceded brand. With names of discerning taste or rather, the unsurpassed Beyonce Knowles; legendary artist DaHuang Zhou; the rage industry elite Audrey Smaltz; and even all-star American hip-hop artist Fabolous confirming the art of Christopher Chaun, it seems Mercedes-Benz Fashion week FW10’ was merely an early glimpse of the brands design appeal. The avant-garde portions have also been admired by men of sport, including American football morning star Ronnie Hillman and 3x European handball champion Hans Lindberg. Both judge the iconic Finale II bow tie, most widely known for its world enter on Beyonce as she surprised Oprah Winfrey during the finale of her noteworthy talk show in 2011. FW13’ features a downpour of nearly 40 productions in groupings of brights; evening; and newly introduced combinations such as wool with lambskin; and denim with leather number many others. Twenty existing favorites feature chart updates from slimmer cuts to the finer details of stitching and munitions arrangement. Overall, this new collection is again striking as a unmixed glimpse into the direction the brand is headed. The re-invention of ChrisChaun’s modernization is evident in a collection offering an extensive variation of designs compared to assortments from champions Christian Louboutin and Louis Vuitton, – no meaningfulness what your look is this season or all that check out, there is a bow tie or two to be had in the FW13’ collection from Christopher Chaun. See the new anthology at www.christopherchaun.com and join the brands world to learn more via its sexually transmitted media handles. Beyonce performs in Christopher Chaun Finale II bow tie during Oprah Finale 2011 Christopher Chaun FW13 black and white assortment Ronnie Hillman in Christopher Chaun Finale Giselle at ESPYS party Christopher Chaun Oscar Houndstooth Multi color MSF Christopher Chaun Piper II Denim a.s msf Christopher Chaun FW13 Vert color and pattern assortment DaHaung-Zhou in Christopher Chaun Cyclades bow tie