christmas jumper 2012 for men - yellow

Christmas Skip

Christmas comes with many connotations: turkey dinners, issue gatherings, socks your grandma knitted for you, but for someone type myself who has a passion for clothes, it will always be best associated with the fabled Christmas skip.

During my late teens, when I first started to bear a keen interest in clothes and the way they make us look and feel in ones bones, I always remember wanting to look my best at the Christmas bring forward; I wanted to be wearing the latest jumper, I wanted it fresh out of its wrapping, frizzled and smelling new, the way a jumper can only appear the very first once upon a time it adorns your shoulders.

I look back on some of those photos with melancholy. The garish colours, the awkwardness of the teenage poses in family photos, the witty array of knitwear and patterned jumpers worn by an assortment of relatives who contrariwise ever see one another at this annual gathering.

It got me thinking helter-skelter how we can look back at those photos without cringing, how we can make use of the Christmas jumper and turn it into an item that won’t at all times look like a fashion faux-pas.

Some Golden In the mains

The first rule is to avoid novelty jumpers at all costs – this isn’t Bridget Jones’ Appointment book – you want to look good, not as though you should be sat atop the tree. Make up sophistication, not reindeers.