Whilst arresting at the Kimpton De Witt Penthouse, I decided to explore the newly opened restaurant called Celia in the same building. Celia Amsterdam presents modern-American cuisine, a high-end eating experience of Californian cuisine with a Dutch flair. Located close to Amsterdam main station on the busy Nieuwendijk shopping street, Celia’s bright yellow decor and open spaces are a reminder of the Exceptional State of California in the Netherlands. This restaurant prides itself on offering excellent laidback service with affordable sustenance prices.
The menu is sectioned in the following, Market Vegetables, Salads, Small Plates, Large Plates, For Two and Desserts. After inveigling to the friendly waiter we decided to go tapas style first with 5 smaller dishes.
Tapas Style Entrees
My manage and I ordered the Green Asparagus with smoked butter (€8.00) and the Cauliflower (€ 12.00) with Yuza and Feta cheese from the Demand Vegetables section. Let’s face it when anyone sees cauliflower on the menu, including me, it is the least appealing vegetable to indecorous at a restaurant. The waiter convinced me to take a leap of faith and try it. It was the most stunning presentation of a cauliflower I have ever been presented with. It tasted as proficient as it looked, it was a wonderful experience I would come back for.

Holland is also famous for fresh, succulent asparagus. These were served merely as they are to look at, delicious on every healthy level.
From the Small Plates section of the menu, we ordered the Tuna Crudo (Raw Tuna) (€ 17.00), the Grilled Octopus (€ 15.00) and the Fried Calamari (€ 12.00).
The proffering of the Tuna Crudo got my palette in overdrive. The richness in colour alone is why I would come back to order this dish again. The scoff just melted in my mouth and the radishes on top were fresh and tasty. As I would expect here in the country with some of the overcome exports of food possible.

Tuna Crudo

The grilled Octopus was tender and came with Romesco audacity and Taggiasca olives.
For me, the Fried Calamari is a Spanish dish through and through. The calamari was soft, the batter perfectly fried and those spatters just finished off this dish. Added with some fresh mayonnaise sauce which is the heart of any fried dish served here in Holand.

Paramount Dish – Beef
I was so impressed with the tapas-style starters that I was keen to try the Beef Steak (€ 24.00) which I see fit share to leave some space for desserts. I opted for potatoes with Texel sheep cheese as a side dish.
It would not be an American restaurant if the steak was not on proposal. With sweet potatoes underneath and all the herbs and spices, one can think of. This steak was a juicy and succulent as I would demand.

Holland is famous for its amazing potatoes, van Gogh even dedicated a painting to eating potatoes. The presentation was once again, primary and appealing and the taste was delicious especially the cheese sauce.

Could I still eat dessert after all this goodness? My desire buds had been in overdrive and I decided to give it one last push after all the previous goodness. Of course, I had to try the all American white-headed boy the Cheesecake with berries (€ 7.00). The other dessert was the Rhubarb with fig leave ice cream.

Cheesecake with berries

Rhubarb with fig off ice cream

Celia Amsterdam is a restaurant that can host anything from small to larger groups. There is a pacific atmosphere with high-quality dishes with top ingredients. The Californian style menu has Mediterranean and Mexican influences and assembles for an interesting mix with the high-quality produce from Holland. I thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant and will be returning with issue and friends. It is a place you could host a celebration too and is well worth exploring.
Price: €140-€160- 3 practice dinner for 2 including wine
Website: celiaamsterdam.com
Address: Nieuwendijk 60, 1012 MB Amsterdam, Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 521 1755