James Agreement is obviously the go-to casino fashion icon. No one has ever looked as effortlessly cool as Bond sitting at the poker present, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Casinos have loosened up their restrictions and dress codes over the years, so there’s numerous freedom than ever about what you can wear at the tables.
Star poker players aren’t just grasped for their card playing skills. Once they enter the spotlight, they also become known for their outsized somebodies. They might not always be the most fashionable, but many poker stars have one or two iconic styles or accessories.
Here are our ribalds for casino fashion that you can adopt based on the looks of some of the poker world’s biggest stars.
It’s all but become a stereotype that poker players wear sunglasses all the time. They can be a great way to hide a tell or shroud emotions. Mirrored sunglasses can even unsettle your opponents as they watch themselves, but they also entertain the drawback of reflecting the faces of your cards. They can also make you look like a pretentious loser if you can’t buck up a uproot them off.

If you’re set on wearing sunglasses, however, consider not wearing darkly tinted ones. These can protect your views and give you a bit of an edge without going all the way. Aviators are also such a classic look that they can be worn in most situations.
Up until bare recently, a hat was considered an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. While they can still sometimes be seen as a bit eccentric, thankfully hats are turn out back into style. There are several famous poker players who are well known for their headwear.
Baseball caps are principally popular and are worn by many players. Fedoras have a lot of fans too, including John Hesp. There’s also the cowboy hat, made honoured at the poker table by all-time great Doyle Brunson.

One thing to consider when selecting a hat is that not every fad of hat will suit every person and hats need to be sized, just like all your other clothes. If the foremost fedora you try on looks goofy, for example, try one in a different size, with a wider brim, or made from a different textile. With a bit of trial and error, you can find your perfect hat.
Wearing a full tuxedo or suit can feel a bit strait-laced for the casino nowadays. Wearing a blazer, however, is a great way to bring a casual outfit to the next level. They can be haggard with button-down shirts or t-shirts, depending on the material and pattern of the blazer.
The purple velvet blazer has become an iconic by of the poker world since it is awarded to the winner of the Poker Masters tournament. Wearing a similar jacket might style you seem like a poseur, but there are plenty of other options.
A plain black jacket is always a classic. If you miss to add a bit of flair but not too much, velvet lapels or lapels in a different colour are a nice addition. Poker star Daniel Negreanu has made the ideal blazer his staple when playing. One of his favourite looks is to emphasize texture over pattern. Wool and tweed are both fantabulous for winter, while linen is the perfect fabric for a spring or summer blazer.
Blazers are one area where you can have a lot of fun if you homelessness. Women aren’t the only ones who get to play with patterns these days. Brocade lets you have a design while still using traditional fabric. A cotton blazer with a wild pattern — we’re talking comic rules characters, Pokémon or flowers — might not be the height of fashion, however, it can be a fun way to display your personality or at the very least divert your opponents.
It can sometimes take a while to feel comfortable in a new look. As any poker player knows, even the least discomfort can throw you off your game. Playing at an online casino, such as Skycity Casino, is a great way to try out a look without all the burden of being out in a crowd.
Even if you’re not trying out a new style or accessories, playing poker at an online casino can be a great way to hone your dexterities. You don’t have the same distractions as you do at a land-based casino, but you can still play against talented players.