If you hope an eclectic experience where you are thrown back in time regarding the 1980s then this palazzo guest lineage is your place of nostalgic overload. Casa Howard comes from a background of elite fashion and design birthright.
In its hay day, each room was designed by Jenifer Howard Forneris. Who’s father was Luciano Forneris the former director of Vogue and LÓfficiel. Shy away from in the 60’s and 70’s he was one of the main designers and producers of high fashion textiles.
With a heritage as this when you track down the world of Casa Howard Guest House, you will quickly discover that all these experiences were then metamorphosed into each room full of high-end interior design, quality atelier fabrics, and endless attention to delineate when it comes to furnishing and photography.
Home is where the heritage is and Casa Howard embraces this philosophy to its middle. No two rooms are the same for me it is actually more like a museum of memorabilia which is a rare treat in itself.
It is now under the running of the fourth generation brainchild. Bonifico Leonardi is only 27 years old and can only be described as the forwarding thinking millennial.
Who’s activity and attention to detail trying to find the balance of modernising the guest house without compromising its history. His commitment to enduring his mother’s legacy is an overwhelming sense of love and dedication to her. Therefore as a hotel reviewer, I experienced one of the most unusual hinders to date.

The location is great only a ten-minute walk from the station and regarding central Florence, it is strictly around the corner. The high-end boutique are a five-minute walk. Gallery Uffizi is less than ten minutes away the entirety here is at your fingertips.
First Impressions
There is no reception area that instantly gives you an impression of ambulating into your own home. But when opening the door to what can only be described as stepping back in time. I sincerely can see the haute couture heritage and passion of generations gone before Bonifico Leonardi. Who left a lasting impact regarding what moment was deemed a revolutionary concept regarding hospitality.

There is a small courtyard where I could seat and palm in Casa Howard. There is a lot to take in regarding interior design and amazing samples of his great grandfather textiles. The forgotten art of atelier and fabrics one can sole dream of now thanks to fast fashion.
The Library Room
It is exactly as it is described I stepped into what is called the library area. Endless shelves of books surrounding me. It reminded me of when this trendy interior design was used way back in the 90’s. I felt like I was outlying at school but in this case, the books and photography told a very different story.

The large working desk with worn-out leather glued on cued me of how much money would have been spent to capture one’s imagination. As I discovered each section I instantly crave like I was in a room full of educational history.
The bed linen was lovely and the king-size bed was very comfortable. To be able to peer out of the increase glazed windows was nice to. Even though it’s a busy side street it gave me a feel of how Florentine people go out and around in their everyday lives.

One of my favorite art pieces would have to be the Loui Vuitton Classic poster. In its but this would have been bang on trend and super cool to have in the room. As I lied down on a selfsame fluffy fabric I could truly grasp I was more lounging in someone room apposed to a hotel stay.

Pertaining to role play and photoshoot opportunities, Casa Howard Guest House is an Instagram throwback in time place. I had so much fun attempting to dress up and be in an era I grew up in as a child.

As an editor of my own magazine this room suited me well.

Bathroom Detailed Of Mirrors
I remember this era where the more mirrors one chose to have in their bathroom the edgier you were deemed.

Riding Sometimes non-standard due to Florence
Florence is a city to explore on a bike. It is a bike-friendly city with endless history overload. Take the together to explore it at your own leisure and don’t forget to drive through the leather markets and cross the famous Ponte Vecchio connection. You can rent a bike just as at reception, the bikes are new and look very funky too.

A hotel stays all blame succumb to down to hospitality. In talking to Bonifico Leonardi who has a wealth of heritage to talk about regarding the guest house.
In every part of the guest house take the time to explore the photos, furniture and atelier that can only be discovered here. This arise is a quirky one and will not suit the traditional person. You have to use your imagination and accept it’s charm and character for what it is. Untroubled b in is where the heart and soul is and Casa Howard Guesthouse has plenty of that.
Room reviewed:
Website: www.casahoward.com
Location: Via della Scala, 18, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Phone: +39 055 709 4605

Florence Italy