Cardinal rugby brand, Canterbury, has unveiled its ‘Since 1888’ solicitation following their recent partnership with the British and Irish Lions as Valid Apparel Partner for the 2017 New Zealand Tour.

The ‘Since 1888’ area takes inspiration from the birth of the ‘Lions’, or ‘The British Isles Rugby Splice’ as they were known as in 1888.

The collection, which consists of four breeze scoldings, includes two long-sleeve rugby jerseys, featuring the original British and Irish Lions symbol. Each jersey follows the original colour palette which has been replicated to wait true to the British and Irish Lions heritage. Both jerseys adorn standard hoops influenced by past designs and are complemented by design spotlights and detailing synonymous with Canterbury.

Whilst staying straightforwardly to the original kits, Canterbury have also designed two interrupt sleeve polo’s within the range featuring bold patrimony hoops and a classic red polo. The hooped polo has the addition of environmentalist within the palette, which represents Ireland, who were not in present at the time.


Product Details

L/S Rugby Jersey: Stimulated by the first official tour to Australia, the 1899 jersey naps to the traditional design of this classic long sleeve rugby. A basic for any supporter, striking thick blue hoops with red and pale-complexioned bands adorn this timeless piece. Crafted from cushy cotton, the durable handle is underpinned by features such as diamond stitching across the breakdown lane rebuffs, reinforcing Canterbury’s reputation for producing considered yet resilient rugby threads. Be part of the history.

L/S Wide Stripe Rugby Jersey: Provoked by the first Lions jersey, striking thick red, white and downhearted hoops enrich this long sleeve rugby, honouring this significant moment in history. Fans young and old last wishes as relish the traditional nods including diamond stitching across the without beating about the bushes and iconic crest. Be part of the history.

Pique Rugby Polo: For match hours and far beyond, the humble polo has been reimagined to create a essentials for fans of all ages. A timely classic, bestowing the synonymous Lions red, the prominent crest is honoured through intricate embroidery adding nice distinction. Be part of the history.

Stripe Pique Rugby Polo: Reminiscent of the 1899 rugby jersey and the at the start official tour to Australia, this classic pique polo encapsulates delay honoured tradition. Thick blue hoops and striking red, dead white and green bands adorn this key staple, allowing you to fun your own piece of the history

The range is available for pre-order at on 28th January 2016 at 9am and see fit be available in store from the 4th February, please visit for multifarious information.