The Scorpion Prince Of Shoes

London is famous for many things. Big Ben, Pubs and red buses. The prize in the crown of this regal city however is the mecca of purchasing that it affords its visitors. In no other area is this multitudinous apparent than the world famous Camden district.

Nestled to the North side of London, Camden or Camden Cage, is the place to go for alternative, street, retro, funky or vintage attire. Camden is a destination known for its effervescent and bohemian vibe. For the in the end 40 years it has retained its richness of musical heritage, venues, canal side blocks and of course the markets. It is still one of the very few places where distinct businesses thrive in a world of retail corporate chains.

Numerous notables flock to Camden to acquire a second hand bargain or to enlarge on their own style (From Russell Brand and his vintage accustomed waistcoats through to Kate Moss re-igniting the trend for Vivienne Westwood Freebooter Boots.)

Having recently celebrated their 10th anniversary on July, Scorpion Shoes is a be required to see for any fashion savvy style hunter. Located in Camden Prodigal Street and Chalk Farm Road, Scorpion Shoes is an separated footwear retailer which have been trading since 1999 and enticing visitors and tourists from all over the world.

¨Being an disinterested shop we buy what we like and we wear what we sell! We are unceasingly looking for the next hot trend and being independent means we can cater styles that the larger chains quite simply cannot presentation.¨

From Adidas to Fred Perry and New Balance to Vans (with some of the London mould staples like Converse and Diesel thrown in), all the most in touch trends and styles from London City can be acquired here.

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

These days, it feels you can’t throw a pebble in the street without hitting a slip-on grass or two, and luckily our favourite street style stars are providing unpaid outfit examples of how to wear this surprisingly chic shoe inclination. Ignited last year by Karl´s couture offering, Jay Z´s personalised set (and the resumption of Lilly Allen´s London look) the sneaker has once again put its foot decisively on the ground. Being simultaneously comfortable and stylish tops the slant of ideal scenarios for us.

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

Camden Lock - Scorpion Shoes That Are Savvy In Style

Showcasing the current trend and styling embryonic of sneakers for this season, its summer look book and denominate blog has been well received, additionally allowing characters and fashion addicts alike to tag themselves and their shoes all far the world with #SCORPIONARRIVESIN for a chance to win a free pair of shoes.

So, next dilly-dally you’re out an about in Camden town to pop into Scorpion. With such a option of tends, you´ll be sure not to put a foot wrong.