This maritime-themed put together from Miuccia Prada features a collage of ships guiding troubled waters

  • £590, from Mr Porter

Nautical Prada shirt.
Nautical Prada shirt.
Photograph: Prada

With its yachtsman hats, opened Breton-striped shirts and neckerchiefs intertwined with corroborate trails, Miuccia Prada’s menswear collection was nautically themed. There was something of a hipster fisherman favouritism on the collection, but there was also a much grander narrative intriguing place.

The grand “whoosh” of the shipmate epic is felt, and to be realistic Homer’s Odyssey, Noah’s Ark and Moby Dick were all cited as forces. This shirt, with its multiple images of black-and-white Viking longboats, is confounding in its design, falling somewhere between the densely detailed breeds of a Grayson Perry pot and a Beano comic (check out the speech lathers and exclamation marks). It’s a story within a story, probably requiring walking the plank, passive-aggressive parrots and plenty of: “Aha! Me hearties!”. There could not be a more statement against minimalist dressing.