Buy of the day: the Gucci logo t-shirt

Buy of the day: the Gucci logo t-shirt


Artlessly self-referential, Alessandro Michele’s logo’d T-shirt is part of the signage tasteful trend.
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Gucci Cruise 2017.
Self-referential and on-trend: Gucci Journey 2017 T-shirt.
Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

The confluence of the logo and forge has never been more evident than right now. As highly as the DHL T-shirt, which became its own fashion cause célèbre, we’ve had Anya Hindmarch’s Boots Boots and Residence’s Pay Pal referencing top. While pop merchandise has become a very lucrative iteration of the logo tee, old bandeau T-shirts are now high fashion and everyone including Morrissey are doing (rock) pop up clothing shops.

Olly Alexander wears the T-shirt at the V festival.
Olly Alexander of Years & Years burdens the Gucci logo T-shirt at the V festival. Photograph: Joe Giddens/PA

Gucci’s resourceful director Alessandro Michele is a man who is not afraid of a bit of postmodernism, as evidenced by Guccighost. Amidst the exciting geek-chic items, Gucci’s cruise collection featured a shockingly childlike, logo’d T-shirt. The font was capitalised, in a rusty shade of gold, underlined by a outline of their trademark red and green belt. It worked for several acts, not least because of Michele’s self-referentiality which feels particular in the air (Armani quickly followed suit).

The T-shirt also sensible ofs very on-trend, contexualised by wearers such as Olly Alexander from Years & Years and Justin Theroux, whose new standing as clothes horse is underlined by his love for iconic vintage T-shirts. Although the T-shirts are yet to be run available from Gucci online, Ebay is filled with over the hill Gucci T-shirts, which are almost as exciting.