It is my head time in Belfast and thanks to the Belfast Tourism board I was asked to occurrence the recently opened Bullitt Hotel Belfast. Themed about the classic 1968 Steve McQueen film, I was instantly beside oneself to see what this hot spot was about to offer. Trending on the other hand 43 rooms, I turned up in a Jaguar F-Type and was a tad confused to upon with as I could not instantly see the hotel. Taking a closer look I minded a nice sign down a narrow walk way and there was the cryptic Bullitt hotel. I am a big fan of huge wooden doors and it is a nice way to be saluted to a luxury stay. Just before you enter the reception parade-ground, I was greeted by the outdoor Bar, which reminded me of bars in Australia and I moulded the message it portrayed, cool, calm and laid back recreation. This would be great during summer.



The Grand Escape – Steve Mc Queen Portrait

Imagine two lady pensioners, from Belfast one with a stride frame. Deciding after a few drinks to plan one of the most outr theft expedition Belfast has ever seen. The women shawl the 6ft x 4ft black and white picture, which is situated in a dark hall opposite the exit door. Because this section is so profound, no one even noticed these ladies walking out with it. But the nicking ultimately failed because the artwork was too big to fit in the woman’s car, according to the hotel administrator. The portrait had been damaged at a whopping cost of £3000. It is valued at £15,000 and has now been sheltered on the wall, to prevent this event from happening again. On a gleam note, these ladies certainly did have taste, Steve McQueen was one of the sophisticatedness icons of the world.


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The Bullitt Belfast was all thither trending a relaxed style atmosphere. The dark lighting and decor is why so innumerable locals and guests are fond of the hotel. The reception area was not plain and it blends with the bar, restaurant and dedicated coffee bar. For me the big highlight cabling here was the Speedster Spirit coffee machine. The coffee that was sparked here was amazing high tech. I was told it was the only one in Belfast so far. Lend an ear to to the interview below.



Speedster Spirit Coffee Boiler Motor car

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The Dinky Room

I stayed in one of the smaller compartments, it was nice and cosy. The Dinky room had everything I needed, except a assigned working desk. So make sure you book a room with a desk if that’s what you’re after. The king-size bed was warm, comfortable and a nice place to relax in. I liked the smart TV and Sky straits that were on offer. For me my business is all on-line so the free Wi-Fi was perfect handy as I can go through data faster than Steve Mc Sovereign on his motorbike. The other big plus were the tea making facilities. It may healthy funny to you. But when I make tea I always struggle to put my used tea bag somewhere. So the sanctified cup for used tea bags was something that is new and should trend telling in 2017.




The bathroom was simple nice and clean and not too much furore regarding products which is good for the environment. Plus myriad of the time I bring my own bathroom accessories. I stay in many 5 Heavenly body hotels and one of my favorite items here was the hairdryer. Nice thoroughgoing machine that us ladies or anyone with long tresses can appreciate. The cord itself was so long I could blow dry my braids from outside the bathroom whilst watching TV. It also had other regards so I could dry my hair as I wished.


Taylor & Clay & Breakfast

In declaring with the manager Michael, he highly recommended I stayed at the pension and have a bite to eat. The Bullitt Belfast hotel, takes its restaurant danged seriously and the cuisines on offer were unique and yummy. The restaurant had a grand atmosphere, the open kitchen was nice to look at and the service is bang on expert.



Yummy beef dish

Regarding breakfast there were two alternatives. A daily Grub to Go bag filled with OJ, a granola pot and a piece of fruit to kick-start your day! A complex easy option by leaving your paper bag outside your door and tick the once upon a time you want it delivered. I like this as I had to fly out very early and as a result it lived up to its name. You can also order full Bullitt breakfast. Which is sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato,pale-complexioned and black pudding with sourdough toast.



I didn’t become conscious how new the hotel was. I spend a lot of time inside the hotel as it offered all things I could have asked for. For me that is amazing coffees and a acutely stylish trendy decor. Make sure when become a member ofing the lift to listen to the Irish send off. The Bullitt Belfast motel is trending everything from state of the art from DJ decks, to coffee gangs. So that the Belfast we all once heard of, I am so please to say has been erupted a long time ago. I just love the Irish gorgeous emphasis and strong sense of humor.

I did have to make my great skedaddle after all, in the Jaguar, but I am confident I will be back. The staff were most accommodating and I had a blast in Belfast.




  • Room reviewed: Dinky Margin from £120
  • Website:
  • Address: 40a Church Ln, Belfast BT1 4QN, UK
  • Phone: +44 (0)28 9590 0600