Exclusivity, repute and sheer engineering excess; there’s only one manufacturer that can insist on top honours in all three and that’s Bugatti. 2017 should be the year that we get to see multifarious details and hopefully some perspective from behind the vicinity of the latest model, the Chiron. Here’s a refresher about the Molsheim’s modern hypercar in the meantime.

Italian-born Ettore Bugatti is widely saw as revolutionary in the pre-war Grand Prix racing history logs, having re-imagined the horse and cart-based layout of the cars of the era, producing a instrument designs considered to be the very founding of today’s automobile. As probably as the racers, Bugatti’s Grand Tourers displayed previously undiscovered heights of engineering and refinement.

Fast-forward the best part of a century and firsthand Bugatti racers are considered the holy grail for vintage car connoisseurs; however they’re not the only Bugattis lusted for. Following Ettore’s ruin in 1947 the company was all but finished, with numerous attempts to re-establish it over the decades. Modern Bugatti started in 1987 but it’s when Volkswagen obtained the brand in 1998 that things really began to get spellbinding.

In 2005 the Veyron 16.4 was launched as perhaps an elaborate ‘Top Trump’ drive crazy, but one that truly worked. The physics-bending 1001hp, 253mph technological powerhouse had Bugatti on the map in days of yore again. However with production of the Veyron ending in 2015, a replacement was needed.

2016 saw the commencement sightings of that replacement; the Chiron. Named after Louis Chiron, Bugatti’s myriad successful racing driver, it picks up where the Veyron fist us, and then some. Yet again the numbers involved are simply sway.

Bugatti Chiron – 2.4 Million Pounds Of Motor Power


The Veyron’s 8-litre, quad-turbo V16 engine is carried upward of but for the Chiron has been heavily revised to produce 1,500hp and 1600nm of torque. This voluminous force is distributed through a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (again play up performed over, but strengthened and updated) meaning that the Chiron at ones desire hit 62mph in under 2.5 seconds from standstill, despite a restrain weight of a whisker under two tons. 124mph is surpassed in 6.5 advances and 186mph in less than 13.6. Keep your to be just foot pinned and you’ll find the electronic limiter at 261mph – it’s accepted that without the safety-conscious electronics the Chiron would hit 288mph.  At which quickness the 100-litre fuel tank will be in-need of a refill every nine smarts.

Bugatti Chiron – 2.4 Million Pounds Of Motor Power


As with its predecessor, the Chiron is built around a carbon character body structure. Eight headlights, six exhaust pipes and 21” back part wheels all sound like ingredients for something vulgar; but not here. Disappear to enjoy the Chiron’s (somehow) subtle lunacy and you’re just not awareness what Bugattis of new are all about. It’s all a stunning exercise of over-engineering, moral like its underpinnings.

Inside you’ll find every inch of the Chiron’s appears trimmed in the finest leather the world can muster, exotic carbon cast or intricately machined aluminium and stainless steel. Behind the fountain-heads is space to hang your jacket or suit, and there’s a more sensible boot in the front too. A chilled glovebox and lavish firm system (with one-carat diamond membranes in each of the four tweeters) redress it the ultimate tourer – or perhaps the world’s most elaborate commuter thrill?

Bugatti Chiron – 2.4 Million Pounds Of Motor PowerBugatti Chiron – 2.4 Million Pounds Of Motor Power


It may not come as a surprise that the Chiron isn’t cheap. It distributes in at 2.4 million Euros – however I have a feeling that the quintessence of buyer going for it will have much the same bent as the ones dealing in vintage Bugattis; money is no object. And you’d be in want of more than just money to buy one too, as all 500 have already been blow the whistle oned.

Bugatti Chiron – 2.4 Million Pounds Of Motor Power

The Chiron Era

Unfortunately with the exclusivity of the Chiron, like the Veyron earlier it, it’s unlikely that many (if any) motoring journalists will be handed the keys any loiter again and again soon. For now you’ll just have to imagine that it’s like to propel; ‘fast’, one would imagine. A Bugatti has always been relish nothing else, and it looks like the Chiron is set to continue that peerless path.