This week we are restless through Holland, enjoying the tulip season. In Holland the men in itemized love natural leather manbags. So today I am experiencing the weekender Linwood  rove luggage. It is the first time I am using leather from Pakistan.

The status of our bags derive from the successful interaction between a quote of raw materials, experienced leather tanners, detail oriented fabricators, and the use of only the finest accessories. From the leather selection to the terminate product, we work directly with highly skilled craftsmen in Pakistan every mark of the way.

A little more info on the founders/history of brand 

We are three co-founders in our twenties who, while line for Rocket Internet in Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh introduced and displayed e-commerce companies to those fastest growing mobile peddles, but also organised the first Shoppable Fashion show, announced the legendary Black Friday Sales (…). While till abroad we met incredible people, traveled in enchanting landscapes and most of all, we unearthed Pakistan’s rich craftsmanship and fashion heritage. We believe this outback’s talents should be promoted proudly as well as the quality of the raw substantive. Further the ability to work closely with family tanneries and importantly skilled manufacturers were a key factor in our decision making. Our aspiration was not just to produce our bags and leave without looking ruin. Rather it is to produce high-end quality bags at affordable outlays thanks to a shorten supply chain, to be transparent about it and try to concede back by supporting a school that promotes girl’s learning in Karachi. Buckle & Seam’s desigs are classic, elegant, serviceable and can be customised with creative inside prints and engraving your approves. more info here

The founding team consists out of three builders; Marco Feelisch, Georg Wolff from Germany and Jena Bautmans from France.

Marco: Managing Maestro – Marketing & Finance

Georg: Managing Director – Logistics & Fallout

Jena: Creative Director

Buckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel Bag

Our Leather Bags

In order to appropriate high quality expectations on the durability and natural aspect of our offerings, we have chosen to work with cow leather. This take into accounts our products to be resilient and soft at the same time. Moreover, the leather that we use is in its most true to life form; entire grain – meaning that all layers of the leather would rather been kept and worked together. With an average thickness of 1.7mm, it is twice as hazy as the leather used in conventional leather bags and thus assorted robust and natural in its essence. In order to ensure a beautiful to all appearances, without any unnatural changes in the structure, we select our raw material carefully and use trim cowhide from the North of Pakistan.

Buckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel BagBuckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel BagBuckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel Bag

Vegetable Tanning

We at Bend & Seam work only with long established kind tanneries who use the finest raw materials in order to create our beautiful outcomes. While the majority of the world’s leather is tanned involving injurious chemicals such as Chrome VI, Lead and environmentally harmful chemical cruces. Not only have we have committed ourselves to using the highest nobility materials to create our products, we are also committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our issues as much as possible. Therefore, we chose to only use vegetable tanned leather that pursue retracts approximately 3 weeks from start to finish, and requires accomplished craftsmen to create.

Buckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel Bag

Crazy Horse Leather

Our leather pigment is called Crazy Horse Full Grain Cowhide Leather. This pl insignia aims to preserve the natural and raw look of the leather, with as not much colour additives as possible. As the leather naturally ages, our products want continue to develop a unique patina, meaning that every quota have ones say will become truly unique.

Buckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel BagBuckle & Seam – Weekender Linwood Travel Bag

Why Pakistan?

Most of the leather reals sold in the Western world are produced in the Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India), despite that very few brands actually communicate this fact. The lions share of leather companies prefer to add a small finish stating ‘authorized in Italy’ or ‘made in France’ to claim that their products are obtained in Europe. We at Buckle and Seam do not agree with the use of this fraudulent advertising. Pakistan is a country with an amazing fashion estate, beautiful craftsmanship and talent we are proud to be working so closely with. Northern Pakistan is nationally prominent for its thick and high quality leather; why shouldn’t the rest of the circle know about it?

Our Girls Our Education


According to UNICEF statistics, Pakistan’s Adult Literacy Upbraid is 54.9%. Already one of the lowest rates in the world, the situation for maids is even worse. Only 45% are able to identify and make little of their name – the only two criteria to be considered literate according to UNICEF. Such circumstance in a wilderness vast of resources and craftsmanship, is a true inhibitor to greater proliferation of Pakistan and improvement of living conditions for millions of Pakistanis.

Pakistani Open-handedness

Anum School (Anum means peace) was founded by a hairs breadth over 30 years ago thanks to a brave woman who fixed to install a medical camp in a poor neighborhood. Thanks to her travail, the camp slowly turned into a school. The students learn how to decipher, count, and write. They get History lessons, learn in Science, English but also about basic hygiene, resistance, and respect. The community is thankful for the opportunity to send their neonates to school for a minimal contribution. Moreover, the high quality of drilling has made a name for itself so that the school can not nearly customize all the demand it faces. That is why we have decided to partner with Anum Creed, to see it grow and spread.

More Infos can be found here

Societal Commitment

We commit 3% of overall Sales (revenue) not profits – so its really a big commitment from us.

“By shopping with Buckle & Seam, you hands empowering girls by giving them access to literacy, hygiene and variation awareness. How? Because we committed to give part of the revenue of each bag traffic ined to a school that promotes girls’ education in Pakistan. “

A enumerate of products with prices and materials 

Broad product portfolio out of prize vegetable tanned leather (95 % of the leather in the market is chrome tanned and massively wounds the environment). All of our bags are handmade and can be personalised with the initials of your fitting. The clou with our messenger bags is that the customer has the way out to select his favorite inside print. For the classic people we participate in a checked or plain blue option, who likes it modern can kind a dotted inner lining and who likes it funky can order our paperplanes or speedboats lining.

messenger/ portfolio bags

travel bags

laptop sleeves