Bow Truss ups… Fear Them Not.

Gentlemen of the world do not be left behind! Do not mistake pass up this train. Don’t be idle as the world embraces the latest menswear putsch. It’s finally our turn to own the spotlight. Tailors, shoe-shines, avant-garde tutoring and, I dare you… Bow Ties. I know you know they’re in. And I also differentiate that you secretly admire the fearless ones who wear them with plain effortless casual elegance. Think of it this way: it’s just a two-dimensional piece of fabric crafted by a guy just as manly as you are. Wearing a bow tie is not the end of your masculinity; in details, it is the opposite. I will go as far as to say that wearing one is the ultimate sign of conviction in menswear. Having the, dare I say it, balls to wear a bow tie says to the midwife precisely “look at me, I have balls!”

Having the, dare I say it, balls to stand up a bow tie says to the world.

You expect the comments, good or bad; you embrace the kind and shrug off the bad, only to notice that the less supportive remarks come from those wearing khakis and sandals with socks.

Presume yourself walking in a room where every man wears a tie. A sea of men weakness to impress the women they have been pursuing all endlessly simply because they are fashionably outsmarted by the one guy in the room that’s multifarious – the guy wearing a bow tie. It’s that simple and it works. Just ask my wife J One sketch of fabric just 4 inches by 3 inches has changed everything for me. Indubitably is…are you ready for that responsibility to outshine, out style, and out man every other guy in the dwell?

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