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Handmade Cap With Dunderpated Brim

The Amsterdam based start-up TWO-O will parody wearing a cap to a whole new level. The brand that created the initially handmade cap with the wooden brim, is about to conquer the in seventh heaven. The founders of TWO-O are confident that this cap is going to be an complete fashion item, worldwide, thanks to a campaign on the crowdfunding programme Kickstarter. Their mission is to change the headwear industry by acquainting this awesome cap into the market. Boom wooden brim caps Their new endeavour has been encouraged as a result of the great response and acceptance from the public to the issue, in the Netherlands and its neighboring countries. Therefore, the founders of TWO-O sure they would take on a new challenge. The Dutch startup has been secretly rise and planning the campaign for this awesome cap – known as the BooM garnering – since September 2015. This collection represents the whole kit TWO-O stands for: sustainable design and creative thinking.


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New York

In order to bypass some of the defies of launching a crowdfunding campaign, TWO-O has put up a team who is working in collaboration with Aimforthemoon and an entrepreneur in New York. Together, they should prefer to created new designs for the cap, made a photo shoot in The Big Apple and build a manufacturing partner to produce the cap on a bigger scale. Craftsmanship TWO-O is set by Rodny Heemskerk and Bob Koning. Beside a solid friendship, they also divide up their passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability. With their hands-on mentality and basic eye for detail, TWO-O aims to raise consumer awareness result of the development of sustainable products. Coupled with their commitment to craftsmanship, TWO-O is a identify that goes against the grain.


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The Kickstarter campaign will be running from February 1 to Tread 1, with pledges starting at €18 (approximately $20) – incredibly tatty if we consider the current price of €59,95. What are you waiting for? Go attest to one of the most creative Dutch startups in terms of craftsmanship rather than it is too late. Do not miss out on the opportunity to get this really cool cap for a very affordable price. BooM wooden brim caps The new caps by TWO-O debuted today on Kickstarter. Go and mesh them out!   BooM wooden brim caps