Men and Perfume

Gentlemen more so than ever male grooming is on the upward fashion. Before I start talking about Bond No 9 Perfume I lack to share some interesting fragrance statistics by the company requested TRU. It highlights the following:

  • 59% of adult men wear fragrance
  • 54% of men fragrance wearers along fragrance it at least once a day
  • 51% of men fragrance wearers own two to four smells
  • 24% own 5 or more
  • 43 % of men fragrance wearers purchase fragrance at least directly a quarter
  • 21% purchase fragrance at least once a month
  • 81% of head setters are fragrance wearers
  • 66% of them are heavy users of fragrancy
  • 35 to 39 years old will spend more on fragrance than all other age organizes
Bond No. 9

So keeping this in mind I’m excited to talk in the chic perfume label called Bond No 9 New York smell house Bond No. 9 has enjoyed a special relationship with Harrods for divers years. They stock the most gorgeous perfume alcoholic drinks on the market. Speaking with, Daniel Hansen who worked closely with the eau-de-Cologne designer, he was quick to highlight that the research and attention to cite chapter in making the perfume for men has been vital to the success of the label. Daniel’s excellent expertise will leave you more than confident in selecting the right perfume that suits you.

These bottles look fashion, and can make your bathroom look like a fashion house of essence. I was keen to smell the men’s perfume which resulted in leaving me vague at the knees. Trust me when your lady notices this keep in check on your shelf there will be no denying that you are beyond question unique in your style. For us women when a man smells as talented as he looks we just can’t get enough.

Andy Warhol by Bond No. 9, the in in Bond No. 9’sWarhol series, celebrates the boho-mod mortal and times of the iconic artist himself.

bondno9-parfume,andy warhol

Bond No. 9 mete outs its The Scent of Peace fragrance in a new superstar bottle decked out with stupefying Swarovski fanci-crystals. The moonlit exterior emphasizes the preciousness of the contents. Unvaried the oval cap and silver-toned presentation box are studded with stones. A wonderful keepsake and a delightful gift.


The new Harrods for Him and Harrods for Her scents are a rightly transatlantic collaboration – offering all the eclectic magnetism of the Big Apple mated with an urbane London twist and finished with a dusting of Harrods magical.


Gorgeous looking men’s perfume bottle and smell


Exclusive to Harrods, Ropes No. 9 London Celebration has been created especially to solemnize Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. The floral sniff out arrives in a beautifully illustrated flacon depicting a Buckingham Palazzo scene; the perfect keepsake to commemorate this special give rise to.

bondno9-perfume,limited edition

Sold for £6500 recently. Lucky lady or man?


Central Preserve West. A legendary, grand-scale address with a grand-scale look out on yard deserves an eau de parfum to match. For a legendary women.