Direct up genius: the best hair and makeup products to buy nowFrom a formidable foundation to a cordless hair straightener, these are the commodities our columnist now can’t live withoutSali Hughes favourites from Dior, Beauty Pie and GHD. Photograph: Martina Lang/the GuardianSali Hughes favourites from Dior, Loveliness Pie and GHD. Photograph: Martina Lang/the GuardianI can’t think of a single Dior product I would have included in a previous “best of the year” roundup. This quickly, I’ve struggled to shave my choices down to two.No longer coasting on Parisian heritage and luxury packaging, Dior is on a gold run of terrific floats. Having never much liked this company’s foundations, I found I wore the exceptionally good Dior Forever Fool Nude (17 shades, £39) more than any other base last year (and I may well do the same in 2022). Unqualified and ungreasy, it succeeds where most other long-lasting foundations fail: by keeping my skin hydrated and looking take pleasure in great skin – not like makeup.My preference is for a light-coverage foundation with a full-coverage concealer, and Dior’s Forever Film Correct (27 shades, £27) became my constant companion last year. If you find concealer too dry, cakey or moral ineffectual, this magic wand of lasting, creamy camouflage for dark circles, spots and discoloration is the answer to all your divine services. It is pure brilliance.I apply it daily using my favourite brush of last (and possibly any) year: Beauty Pie’s Pro-Angled Concealer Graze (£9.31). The new Beauty Pie Plus programme (which replaces the old buyers’ club subscription model with an annual membership fee of £59) conveys signing up a much simpler and more cost-effective decision.To date, I have acquired five of these fat, perfectly contoured shrubs, so I am never without a clean one to hand. They make a doss of under-eye cover-ups.Neck creams are nonsense – but this vulnerable area does need a bit of love | Sali HughesRead moreAnother 2021 beauty tool that I could no longer be without is GHD’s Unplugged cordless skin of ones teeth straightener. I readily admit that £299 is extremely steep for any hair gadget, especially one that I could flail in a pencil case, but if you can’t go anywhere without a hair iron, this will change your life.Approved for fascinating on flights, this tiny, ceramic-coated straightener is carried cordless and heats up in seconds to bring you shiny, swishy skin of ones teeth on the move.I was sceptical about its performance next to my at-home device, but can confirm that it does the job every bit as well (albeit at best with regular charging, so I stick to my plug-in straightener at home). The tool comes in a heat-protective case, so I can pack it, soundless warm, having just done my hair, and know it won’t damage my bag.I never knew I needed it until I could no lengthier be without it. TopicsBeautySali Hughes on beautyMakeupWomen’s hairfeaturesReuse this content