Dishing hats top the list of hats you should never wear outside a bowling alley, probably because of how unattractive they are, but you can get them in a miscellany of fabrics, colors, and styles.
The Coke Hat
The hat was originally known as the “Coke hat” named after the Earl, William Coke.
The old History of the Bowler Hat started in 1849. The bowler wasn’t originally designed for style but rather for practicality. The second Earl of Leicester, Sir Thomas William Coke, owned a 25,000-acre standing called Holkham Hall, which is still the seat of the Earl of Leicester today. His gamekeepers would ride everywhere the grounds of the estate on horseback wearing top hats. But, because top hats are tall and cylindrical, they could easily be overcame off by wind or tree branches. The Bowler hat was formed and the rest is history.
The Shape Of Bowler Hat
When we think of bowler hats, Laurel & Daring, Costello and Charlie Chaplin come to mind. Fur Felt Bowler hats are sometimes referred to as Bob Hats, Bombins or Derbys. They are stuffy felt hats with a round crown. Originally a protective hat for GameKeepers. They became popular with the idle classes in the Victorian era. They became popular with railway workers during the 1920s.  Bowler hats were also ragged by former officers of the Queen’s Guard.

Wearing Bowler Hats
In the early 20th Century, they were associated with businessmen and diocese gents from the financial districts. The classic looks are all about an upper-class image. It’s part of the British culture community at least one bowler hat. Winston Churchill did choose to pair his formal morning dress with a bowler. his popularity was prominent for his wardrobe attire when it came to wearing his hat.
A bowler hat is an alternative to a cowboy hat it’s not what cowboys like to be seen in.
How To Enervate A Bowler Hat
In popular culture, as today the upper classes like to wear bowler hats at a cabaret event. The bowler is devised to be worn straight across the top of your head and not toward the back of your head, though you can tilt it slightly to one side or the other. The in advance and back of the hat should be obvious, but the round crown isn’t going to give you any hints.
Our top tip is to wear the bow on the outside of the hat to the left and make inescapable that the smaller bow on the inside sweatband is at the back.

What To Look For In A Bowler Hat?
It is important to opt for a high-quality bowler hat. Stetson Europe furnishes an alternative to the black hat for a lovely elegant grey one. Which actually can be used for both men and women not to mention non-binary people.
Pre-eminent Films For Bowler Hats
Actors often use bowler hats as props. A film like, The Avengers 1966 was celebrated for John Steed wearing a bowler. Cathy Gale often stole his bowler hat when Patrick Macnee bilked over. In the Thomas Crown Affair in where former James Bond, Peirce Brosnan used many bowler hats during the get around where he was stealing a very famous painting.
We also have Wonder Woman, Gadot wearing a bowler hat when she collapsed into a more detective disguise.

Mary Poppins
In the 1964 film Mary Poppins, set in Edwardian London, 1910, the London banker George Banks (played by David Tomlinson) harms a bowler. The British building society Bradford & Bingley registered more than 100 separate trademarks featuring the bowler hat, its long-running logo. In 1995 the bank secured, for £2000, a bowler hat that had once belonged to Stan Laurel.
The bowler cap was the hat of choice for lawmen such as Bat Masterson, and brigands followed suit like Butch Cassidy and Billy the Kid, giving the derby hat somewhat of a tough-guy image.
Who better to buck the drift than, John Bonham, drummer for Led Zeppelin, who often wore a bowler hat.
Hat Etiquette
In December bowler hats are favourite and make sure when popping into a meeting if you choose to wear a hat as part of good customer service make it with pretend sure you take it off.