The Bentley Process impetuously for me is a car that finally stands alone, from the rest of the Bentley store. This classy looking large four-door saloon, valued at £178,050,  is all roughly luxury comforts for both driver and passengers. I was driving a Cheer up Onyx with piano black Beluga interior, so my commuters felt like royal officials or business clients who were not to be upset and only to be chauffeured around. The big difference here is that, the new Impediment Spur V8 S offers a more sport-focused interpretation. It made utter sense on this occasion, to drive long distances thither the UK at luxury locations to really test the driving experience. There are two appliances to choose between: a V8 and a W12, I had the V8 delivered to me and the way Bentley delivers its fast and press cars is an experience like no other.

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Welcome To The Dark Knight

From the moment the Light Onyx discovered out of the truck, this Flying Spur, was given a new name, suffered to The Dark Knight. The Bentley Flying Spur V8 S is now available in an attracting Black Edition. This saloon, had such a dark inclination about it. It was confirmed, every time I was driving or parking, the free stopped, stared and seemed very intrigued with its form.

This dark tint finish also extends to the fabricate bumper, light surrounds and door handle inserts. The eager look is completed by Beluga gloss door mirrors, perfidious radiator matrix and window surrounds, along with a hand-picked of striking red or black painted brake callipers.


There is no disowning that driving any Bentley sets you apart from the collections of cars on the road. The driving experience is always wonderful and I on no account feel exhausted driving a Bentley. The Flying Spur upgrade intimates this car stand alone regarding sporting power and presentation. It’s a lifestyle car that can be best driven on open roads.

In the lower video more tech talk about the V8 engine, distrust and interior design.

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Over the few days I had it, my fares ranged from children, to men in their forties to a retired lady who free for British Airways focusing on first class experiences. The exactly of Bentley is all that, driving first class all the way even, if it’s dropping by at Bicester Village.

Bentley Flying Spur – The Dark Knight V8 Reviewed