Bentley notified today the full details of the world’s first luxury half-breed model at the Geneva Motor Show. The Bentayga Hybrid notes Bentley’s first step towards full electrification, merging the serenity of silent motoring with exquisite comfort and effortless accomplishment.

Offering the best of both worlds, the new plug-in hybrid image combines an advanced electric motor with a powerful and economic new-generation V6 petrol engine. The hybrid version of the world’s most swank SUV will be the company’s most efficient model ever with CO2 emissions of 75 g/km (NEDC).

The Bentayga Half-breed feels and rides like a true Bentley, providing the finickiness, effortless performance and exquisitely tranquil cabin environment for which the delight British brand is famed. It represents the future of luxury mobility; an sanctuary of calm and tranquillity in the city and beyond.

“The Bentayga Hybrid is our gold medal step on the road to electrification, combining traditional Bentley values with the entirely latest technologies. It gives customers the best of both periods – engaging, effortless performance on the open road and silent, emission-free thrust in the city, which will become increasingly important with the ever-changing decrees around the world. Following Bentley tradition, the Bentayga Mixture pioneers a new automotive sector – the luxury hybrid – and sets Bentley on the method towards a sustainable electrified future.” – Adrian Hallmark, new Chairman and Chief Supervision Officer of Bentley Motors

Bentayga Hybrid is not yet available to out of whack. It will become available to order in selected markets from the tick half of 2018.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

Intelligent, Experience-Enhancing Technology

At the heart of the Bentayga Combination are two power sources – a highly efficient electric motor and a new turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol mechanism. The E Motor acts as both an electric motor and a generator to tender a seamless driving experience and guaranteeing maximum electric-only kitchen range.

The Hybrid adds a new dimension to the existing range of luxury Bentayga prototypes. It features all the flexibility associated with the W12, V8 Diesel and V8 derivatives, with the even so sure-footed permanent four-wheel drive and four on-road fashions – Sport, Bentley, Comfort and Custom.

The Automatic Start-Stop exchange is replaced with a control for the three E Modes – EV Drive, Cross-breed Mode and Hold Mode. These will enable the driver to take care of battery usage during a journey.

The Bentayga Hybrid requires new and particular information to be relayed to the driver. As a result, a revised infotainment examine and Driver’s Information Panel with E Motion information have on the agenda c trick been designed to provide details on performance, consumption and forcefulness source.

The traditional tachometer that displays engine timeliness is replaced with a dial showing when the car is operating in like Caesars wife EV Drive, or engine speed if the combustion engine is operating. A battery prominence dial replaces the coolant temperature gauge.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

The infotainment gauge can display energy flow in each of the three E Modes, boast whether the vehicle is being powered by energy supplied by the battery, or the combustion locomotive – or whether energy is flowing back to the battery in order to charge it.

To maximise dexterity, the vehicle uses satellite navigation information to calculate the most adroitly usage of electric motor and engine for every journey. Inputting a stop into the navigation system will command the car to automatically enlist the correct E Mode for each part of the journey, constantly designing the most efficient use of battery charge and storing electrical power for sections of the journey where it is most useful – such as when arriving in the borough. The system will reduce on-board charge to zero merely as the vehicle reaches its destination, maximising overall efficiency.

A legions of Hybrid-specific functions will also be introduced to the latest Welded Car ‘MyBentley3’ services, including My Battery Charge, My Cabin Abundance, and My Car Status, operated via a smartphone app.

Bentley has prioritised the charging meet with to ensure that owning a Bentayga Hybrid is as easy as owning a customary car. Controllable remotely from a Smartphone, or in-person via the on-board attacking point, the charging status and programming will be visible on the MMI drivers’ filter and on the user’s smartphone via an app.

Other unique features include E-Charging, where the app choice list nearby or relevant charging stations (based on your search criteria), and forsake you the option to set them as destinations on the car navigation system; and My Cabin Solace which allows you to set the car to heat (or cool) itself so that the berth is at the optimum temperature when the door is opened.

The Bentayga Cross-breed’s Vehicle Charge Point is located on the opposite side to the run-of-the-mill fuel filler. From here, the car can be connected to either a familial power supply, or a public charger point. The rear belongings compartment will hold two bespoke bags containing the of the utmost importance cables to connect the car to either.

With an impressive electric series of over 31 miles (50 km) in the NEDC cycle, a unconditional charge of the battery from a domestic household socket thinks fitting take 7.5 hours. However, customers with an industrial coherence installed at home can reduce the charge time to just 2.5 hours.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

Immortal Bentley by Starck Power Dock

Bentley has collaborated with celebrated designer, Philippe Starck, to create a concept for a highly sought-after recharging unit for Bentayga Hybrid customers – the Power Dock.

The disclosure piece showcases the exquisite attention to detail you would trust from both Bentley and Starck, using sustainable and superior materials. The stylish surround is formed from pressed eco-linen with bio-sourced thermosetting resin, while the domed frontage is tasted using a hot-pressure aluminium casting.

The minimal and elegant Power Tamper with is designed to keep charging cables neat and safe at knowledgeable in. Furthermore, it brings a luxurious touch to the act of hybrid recharging, stand as a functional piece of art that will enhance any home.

Starck’s tasteful creation – with its tactile surfaces and inviting aesthetic – compel encourage Bentayga Hybrid customers to plug-in whenever they are at haunt, thus ensuring each journey begins with the utmost electric-only range.

Innovative Features and Advanced Technologies

A number of driver assistance systems and infotainment features, designed to embellish safety, comfort and convenience make the Bentayga Hybrid an innovative and advanced SUV.

Adaptive Voyage Control (ACC) and Traffic Assist enable the driver to maintain a values bright and early gap to the vehicle in front. Predictive ACC uses the navigation data, sensors and cameras to presage upcoming corners, city boundaries and speed-limit changes and can then reorient the vehicle speed accordingly, improving both comfort and exacerbate economy.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

In urban environments, there are a number of driver facilitates available on the Bentayga Hybrid. These systems – such as Traffic Mark Recognition, which detects a wide variety of traffic signs and unfurls information to the driver; Rear Crossing Traffic Warning, which utilities radar technology to detect crossing traffic when rescinding out of a parking space; and Top View, a system which uses four cameras to parade an overall picture of the vehicle’s surroundings – combine to enhance quotidian usability.

Park Assist is also available – a system that perceives suitable parking spaces (both parallel and perpendicular) first autonomous steering takes over to support parking moves, even in narrow and tricky spaces.

Other innovative processes available include Electronic Night Vision, which despises infra-red technology to identify potential obstacles ahead, and a Head-Up Unveil, which reduces driver distraction and increases safety.

The Bentayga’s 8” set be in contact with screen infotainment system boasts class-leading navigation technology, a 60GB magisterial drive, and a choice of up to 30 languages.

Rear seat commuters benefit from the Bentley Entertainment Tablet – a removable 10.2” Android weapon with 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth for effortless, high-speed on-board connectivity.

Buyers can choose between three different sound systems for the Bentayga Half-breed: Bentley Standard Audio, Bentley Signature Audio and Naim for Bentley Inducement Audio. The latter is the most powerful system in the segment, with 1,950 watts, a network of 18 demagogues and super-tweeters for unrivalled recreation of the highest audio frequencies.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

Sculptural Put up, Sharp Lines and Elegant Execution

The Bentayga Hybrid’s wheel arches, fenders and bonnet utter a balance between sportiness and SUV presence.

The ultra-sharp Bentley power form ranks and muscular rear haunch display a taut tension in side interest, as part of the largest single-piece aluminium pressing in the automotive delighted. Trademark Bentley features such as the large matrix grille and B-shaped wing make publics afford the Bentayga a modern, dynamic elegance.

At the rear, within the subdivided tail lights, a ‘B’-shaped illumination graphic is incorporated that spares the Bentayga an instantly recognisable and striking night-time signature.

Bentley’s most thrifty model ever will be identifiable thanks to a number of swank exterior styling cues. Copper-coloured ‘Hybrid’ badging on the tone down front doors and tailgate – and a copper finish to the wheel hearts and Bentley badges – highlight the electric performance potential of the Bentayga’s new powertrain. Additionally, the put on the tread plates will also read ‘Hybrid’.

The Life’s Finest Cabin, Handcrafted at the Home of Bentley

Step centre the Bentayga Hybrid and you find the finest automotive interior in the Terra, with handcrafted wood and leather throughout – engineered with meticulousness to deliver absolute perfection.

The attention to detail in metal, wood and leather is the exemplar of modern British luxury, and is only achievable thanks to the out of the ordinary skill of the workforce in Crewe.

The Bentayga’s cockpit sets new standards for both confidence and precision, with meticulous tolerances between the exquisite veneered woods and metal details. The dashboard takes the iconic Bentley ‘wing’ design as its stimulus, with the beautifully finished surfaces flowing gracefully from door to door to the top of the instrument binnacles, down under the centre console and insidiously a overcome up around the passenger side fascia and foot well.

The hand-selected displays form pure and elegant surfaces throughout the cabin, and each of the 15 disintegrates are shaped by Bentley’s artisans from a choice of seven various veneers, and finished with trademark Bentley attention to item.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

Highly polished, handcrafted metal elements adorn the dashboard, hub console and doors. Trademark Bentley knurling on the drive wise selector, gear knob, iconic bulls-eye vents and publication pulls adds sophistication and tactile refinement.

Sumptuous fore seats, individually handcrafted in Crewe and featuring 22-way tuning including adjustable cushion and backrest bolsters, provide mind-boggling support and comfort for all conditions. This cosseted feeling is above enhanced with a six-programme massage system, seat fieriness and ventilation.

Whether selected in four- or five-seat configuration, all of the leather foci in the Bentayga are available with contrast stitching and a quilted diamond structure applied to the ‘shoulders’ and bolsters, echoing the design of a finely stretch British hunting jacket.

Bentley specialists individually selected only the finest bull hides, all of which are sourced from coolness European climates, naturally tanned and never over-printed. Clients have the choice of 15 colours, in three duo-tone and one lone mono-tone colour split.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV

The four-seat configuration makes the paramount statement in design, comfort and luxury. The two individual rear spaces adjust in 18 different ways and include massage and ventilation works as well as footrests. The veneered rear console hides additional functionality such as cup holders, open-handed storage areas and USB charging sockets.

The opulent feeling is completed by the undeviating back, dividing the interior cabin from the boot. Also trimmed in the signature diamond quilting and embracing a ski-hatch, it creates an enclosed rear cabin space that put aways new standards in the SUV sector.

The full-length panoramic sunroof with acoustic interlayers allows broad natural sunlight to highlight the surfaces and detailing.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid – The Worlds First Luxury Hybrid SUV