Men’s circuits can really state alot about who you are as a person. Simply erosion a belt will reflect how much you think about crumple up. I find a lot of men undervalue this accessory. Belts are a lot more special than you think. It tells the other person a bit about what you reproduce. In fact a belt can make or break your look.

Concoct more about your belts

Go through your clothes-cupboard and get all your belts out. I bet on average it is plain and boring. Then top to Selfridges first as they have a fantastic range of areas, like you’ve never seen before. It will inspire you to contemplate about what you’re putting around the waist.

Strap Categories

The style of the strap is important. Here is a list 4 important strap designs:

  1. Leather studded strap – They look great on men and it extraordinarily brings out the masculine side of you.
  2. Plait strap – These look grievous during summer and spring. Don’t be afraid of going for a multi tinge one.
  3. Cartoon prints or colourful strap – these kind of beats bring out the playful power hero side of you and are so much fun.
  4. Restricted Straps – These are great with chinos or shorts.

Clasp Styles

The style of buckle really depends on the formality, you can go formal or as mental as you want to. The informal styles can be classified as:

  • Skull head – you can get separate types here and it will sum up your image in seconds.
  • Chunky – blend this with the wide strap only.
  • Western – emphasize out the cowboy in you. Make sure to get the matching holster.
  • Animal – Zigzag, Scorpion, Elephant, Crocodile and Lion Heads are popular selects.

Sugar skull, leather belt


Topman multi symbols plait leather belt


Topman cartoon print belts


Roland perfunctory belt buckles,$25,000


Batman belt buckle, bring out the Unfathomable Knight in you


Show the rock star with in you or that you’re a lover of music