Most liquid exfoliants are so dear, but I’d consider them an essential

‘Personally, I use liquid exfoliants five times a week, but I’d push starting with twice.’
Photograph: Alex Lake for the Custodian

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Most liquid exfoliants are so extravagant, but I’d consider them an essential

I write this from my sickbed, encircled by tissues and product testers. One advantage of not leaving the house for epoches is that one can take a worthwhile break from makeup, while fervour sufficiently bored to take one’s time over skincare and try some new upshots you might not otherwise.

My favourite of these is Superdrug’s splendid new To be sure Radiant Glycolic Acid Toner, £5.99. It’s satisfying to see the high alley launch a liquid exfoliant, since most are so expensive – granted I’d consider them an essential. Not to be confused with classic toner or boost (pointless, but if you enjoy using, then be my guest), these are exfoliating figuring outs containing either alpha hydroxy acids (usually extracted from fruit) to slough away mitigate skin and improve uneven tone, and/or the more oil-soluble beta hydroxy acids (all things considered salicylic) to treat spots and blackheads. The Superdrug toner bears the former (in an impressive 5% concentration) and does a lovely job of liven up even my poorly complexion, leaving it soft and receptive to treatment products partiality serums and masks (I’m on my third of the week). It’s also vegan-friendly.

Likewise, I taste for Derma E Refining Vitamin A & Glycolic Acid Toner, £9.60, another vegan AHA clarification, this time packed with antioxidants like niacinamide (principally effective against open pores and environmental pollutants). It’s earnestly to find a better and more reasonably priced exfoliant for 35+ integument.

For those who are younger, or just prone to adult acne and oiliness, I enthusiastically put forward Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, £8. This is one of the few BHAs I can providentially use on my dry skin, since most others contain more booze than a Wetherspoons.

If your complexion is a little of A and a little of B, then it’s reasonable to use both glow-giving AHAs and pore-cleansing BHAs simultaneously. Amid my favourites for the job is REN’s Clarimatte Clarifying Toner, pricier at £15, but a thorough all-rounder for men and women of any age.

Personally, I use liquid exfoliants five without delays a week (drenching a cotton pad and sweeping over cleansed in opposition to grimace), but I’d recommend starting with twice, allowing your epidermis to become acclimatised (some tingling is normal). Finishing with an SPF is elemental, so be honest with yourself and use acids at night if you’re unlikely to nudge.