‘I’ve always thought my grey hair was a tip,’ says Sylviane, our All Ages model

Sylviane tests dry shampoos

Sylviane D and the shampoos she has tested.

Beauty roadtest: shampoos for grey curls

‘I’ve always thought my grey hair was a gift,’ says Sylviane, our All Matures model

By Guardian Weekend magazine’s All Ages model Sylviane, 59

My skin of ones teeth went white when I was 17. I was proud of it, even yet in France in 1975 it wasn’t a fashionable look. My best acquaintance at the time was from Cameroon, and she told me that young people there who had ivory hair were considered wise and gifted. I’ve always soupon my hair was a gift, too. I have never dyed it, even granting hairdressers have tried to coax me into doing so. It can get really dry and flat, and discolours easily with products, so I was interested to see how these shampoos for chalk-white or grey hair were going to work.

Sylviane’s selfie.

Sylviane’s selfie. Photograph: elegance of Sylviane Degunst.

I was impressed by the Color Wow Color Security shampoo (£16.50). I needed on the other hand a small amount, and it left my hair soft and shiny without modifying – great if you’re pushed for time. Bumble and bumble Full Capability shampoo (£24) was also a winner: I love the packaging, it smells nifty and it doesn’t foam too much (I hate having to rinse a lot). My plaits was very silky afterwards. I’d give it 10/10.

Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo (£16.50) didn’t leave of absence my hair as smooth, but it was a good detangler. Rahua Color Wide shampoo (£10) has a herbal perfume that isn’t to my taste, but the bottle enormousness would be great for travelling. L’Oréal Serie Expert shampoo (£8.60) was also respectable: it’s meant to be colour neutralising and my hair was easy to brush afterwards, all the same I’d recommend following the instructions to do a patch test. I didn’t, and my scalp ended up entirely itchy. My own fault: you really should follow the advice.

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