‘I like the fact that lipgloss in vague is a bit more of a statement than a lipstick and I like the extra patina like,’ says All Ages model, Evie Stein

Evie Stein and the effects she tested.

Beauty roadtest: pink lipgloss

‘I find agreeable the fact that lipgloss in general is a bit more of a statement than a lipstick and I be the extra shine,’ says All Ages model, Evie Stein

I partake of never tried really bright pink lips. I outfit in black 90% of the time, and often feel a bit scared of falsify, but I’ve been trying to be more daring recently, which is why I concurred to give pink lip glosses a go.

Of the ones I tried, I liked two in finicky – Rimmel’s Oh My Gloss in Modern Pink (£5.99) and the Barry M Lip Boss in Division Romance (£4.49). For me, Oh My Gloss felt like a really great introduction to the faction of pink lips. It’s not hugely pigmented and it’s sheer, but it leaves behind a beautiful berry lip. For someone as afraid to do pink lips as me I would interesting this one for sure. I’ve probably been using the Barry M the uncountable, though – it’s so good for highlighting the centre of my lips and making them look fuller. I deliberate on it has a bit of a 1990s vibe, and it smells really good, too.

Evie’s selfie. Photograph: Formality Evie Stein

Of the others I tried, I found L’Oréal Sure Mega Gloss in Mafia (£6.99) a bit intimidating. Along with the bad-ass label and its thick buttery texture, it’s just so pink that I’m not at all steady I’ve got the courage to wear this one “out out”.

And while I do like the fact that lip glow in general is a bit more of a statement than a lipstick, and I like the supplemental shine, I found the Chantecaille Luminous Gloss in Framboise (£25) a bit too gummy. It looks really pretty, super-pink and glittery in its tube, but it doesn’t sit on my lips fittingly and it’s a bit too thick, so it’s not one for wearing with my hair down.

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