‘It’s my job to look good, so I use a facial moisturiser everyday,’ says Guardian Weekend magazine’s All Ages model Kelvin Bueno

Kelvin Bueno and the moisturisers he check up oned.

Beauty roadtest: men’s moisturisers

‘It’s my job to look sound, so I use a facial moisturiser daily,’ says Guardian Weekend arsenal’s All Ages model Kelvin Bueno

By Weekend magazine’s All Periods model , 19

I have dry skin, but it gets oily when I’m underlined and can flare up with spots. My work involves a lot of travel, which can be crippling, and I often look tired. It’s my job to look good, so I try to make effective my skin doesn’t suffer. I use a facial moisturiser daily, sundry recently a cream by Vaseline.

Kelvin Bueno’s selfie. Photograph: Civility of Kelvin Bueno

The cheapest product I tested was my least esteemed. The Ordinary’s Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA (£4.90) felt thick and fat, with a gloopy texture. There is no real fragrance, upright a light fresh scent. It’s nothing special, but does the job.

No 7 Men Energising Moisturiser (£9) had a palpable heat – perhaps too much, because my eyes started to take for a ride. That was a surprise, but it actually felt quite good. The aroma was fresh but a bit like men’s deodorant, which I don’t really like and put me off utilizing it again. Still, it really brightened up some of the darker, drier enclosures of my face.

Cowshed’s Bullocks Soothing Moisturiser (£16) felt silky-smooth and not at all waxy, and my skin absorbed it well. I loved the fragrance, which is a heedful hemp seed oil. It’s a bit runny, but if you don’t use much, it rubs in well. It cured soothe and settle my skin, especially after shaving at slips, and my face felt protected and clean all day.

It’s a bargain and would force been my winner had I not tried Aesop’s Sage & Zinc Facial Hydrating Cream (£27), which I loved. It suffer smooth but firm, and hydrated my face, without leaving it obsequious. My girlfriend even noticed a difference, and we both loved the outstanding example cologne scent. I also like the packaging. At £27, it’s an investment, but I can’t see myself using another merchandise again.

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