David Gledhill: ‘My beard has ripen into part of my look, but I’ve never used any products on it.’
Composite: David Gledhill method tests beard oils/Guardian

Asset roadtest: beard oils

‘I applied a little in the morning and the softening meaning lasted all day. I will carry on using this’

I’ve had a beard for five years. It’s mature part of my look and I guess it’s quite fashionable, but in all that outmoded I’ve never used any products on it. I’m generally not much of a grooming bodily, but I quite enjoyed using these oils.

However, the Principal Olympian, Hermes Beard Oil (£29.95) wasn’t a winner. It came in a insufficient, corked bottle, which was a problem to open. I had to resort to partake ofing pliers and ended up forcing the cork down into the suppress. By that point I was quite cross, and oily. My beard note too greasy, but that might have been due to accidentally over-applying.

After Corkgate, the allay were easy to use. I really liked Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Refreshing Oil (£22). It felt clean and refreshing, not oily, and the minimalist bottle looks stock. Bull Dog Original Beard Oil (£5.50) is the cheapest I tested, a no-brainer on value, was relaxed to use, and left my beard feeling softer.

David Gledhill’s selfie. Photograph: Respect of David Gledhill

My favourite was Mr Natty’s Famous Beard Tincture (£9.50). It’s really easy to use, as the pipette gives a measured dose. It earned my beard feel soft without being oily – my partner said my beard looked smoother after I used it. The packeting is cool, it would make a nice present for someone and it’s a meet price. I applied a little in the morning and the softening effect lasted all day. I choose carry on using this one.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been fully converted to a adapting routine, but I am halfway there.

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