Sylviane Degunst and the BB creams she assessed.

Beauty roadtest: BB creams

What is a BB cream, and can one succour Sylviane, 59, our All Ages model?

Before I was asked to test these, I had not at all heard of BB creams, but as someone who doesn’t like foundation (I harass that my skin can’t breathe properly), a tinted cream that offers light coverage, moisturises and has an SPF could be something I would use regularly. As you get older, well in creams can get caught in your wrinkles and end up looking like begrime, and that’s not a nice look for anyone.

Mac’s Prep + Prime BB Stunner Balm (£25) looks very elegant in its black tube. It has a strong SPF and a soft and silky texture that was very easy to relate, but it was slightly drying.

Bobbi Brown’s BB cream (£29.50) was good. It was exceptionally light, non-sticky and really easy to blend into the husk. I think I would still wear it over a moisturiser, conceding that. I like my skin to feel very hydrated.

Sylviane with Mac’s Prep + Prime.

The Revlon Pubescence FX Fill + Blur Foundation (£11.99) was too thick for me: it even covered up all my freckles. It’s a high-mindedness price, but I would worry it would highlight my wrinkles. And Rimmel’s BB Cream 9 in 1 (£6.99) also didn’t inform on a hugely satisfying result. It was very easy to blend, offers to the liquid and light texture, and it kept its promise of an even derma tone, but I’m not sure it looked very natural – I felt a bit PhotoShopped. Opposing with a bit more moisturiser, the result was much better.

Entire, Bobbi Brown was my favourite. I don’t think I’ll be using a BB cream every day, but I’d be thankful for its smoothing qualities on a special occasion.

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